People of Shengal: Iraq is a partner in Turkey’s attacks and massacres

The people of Khanasor slammed the Turkish army’s attack on Shengal, saying that the Iraqi state which maintains its silence is also a partner in the attacks and massacres.

On Tuesday at 14.00, a Turkish drone struck a civilian vehicle in the Khanasor town of Shengal (Sinjar) in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

The attack killed Merwan Bedel, co-chair of the Autonomous Administration Council. Local people saved Bedel's two children in the vehicle.

Condemning the attack, the people of Khanasor stated that the Iraqi state, which cooperates with the Turkish state, was also responsible for the massacre.

Xidir Hemet from Khanasor said that the Turkish army would not be able to carry out this attack so comfortably without the support of the Iraqi state. “Merwan was attacked by the Turkish army while taking his children to school. The Turkish state keeps targeting the Yazidi people since we resist and struggle. The attack is an outcome of the 9 October Treaty. Therefore, the Iraqi government is also responsible for the attack,” he said.


Zîna Ehmed from Khanasor condemned the Iraqi government which maintains its silence on the massacres of the Turkish state. “How is the Turkish army bombing our village so comfortably? The Iraqi government keeps silent as usual. If the Iraqi state issues official identities for us, then why doesn't it care about the safety of the people here? No force can attack this land if the Iraqi government does not allow it. However, their silence leads to continued attacks.”

Selam Hesen who arrived at the scene after the attack said: “My gym was there. We went out when we heard the attack around 2 o'clock. We saw a vehicle on fire. We immediately rushed for help. Merwan's condition was not good. We took him to a hospital. We also took the children out of the vehicle. Nothing happened to them, but Merwan fell a martyr.”