People of Sulaymaniyah denounce Turkish crimes in Kurdistan

Kurds are taking to the streets around the globe calling for action to stop the crimes and violations committed by the Turkish state in Kurdistan territory.

The Initiative to Fight Occupation organized a demonstration in Sulaymaniyah city of southern Kurdistan to protest the Turkish occupation attacks against Rojava (northern Syria) and northern Iraq and the use of chemical and banned weapons against the guerrilla forces.

Representatives of dozens of political parties joined the residents on Seholeka Street, where the protest march kicked off.

The march was followed by a press statement. Speaking here, Neez Xalîd from the Initiative to Fight Occupation highlighted the need for a common struggle against the ongoing attacks in four parts of Kurdistan.

Tevgera Azadî (Freedom Movement) Executive Board Member Sara Reza read the press statement and pointed out that attempts are being made to deprive the Kurds of their gains on the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne.

“Thanks to the struggle waged by the Kurdish people, a government has been founded in a part of Kurdistan, and an Autonomous Administration in another part. In the other two parts, the struggle for freedom grew more and more. Enemies of the Kurds are attacking constantly to make sure that the Kurds are not free.”

Condemning the Turkish use of chemical weapons and banned bombs in the ongoing attacks and the isolation regime imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, Reza called on international authorities to uphold their responsibilities.