PJAK co-chair Vejîn: The people of Rojhilat see their existence thanks to leader Öcalan

PJAK co-chair Zilan Vejîn said that the people of Rojhilat see their existence thanks to Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan, and added that PJAK has been fighting on a national and Apoist line for 19 years.

Kurdistan Free Life Party-PJAK co-chair Zilan Vejîn drew attention to the importance of 4 April, the birthday of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan, and told ANF: “The birth of Leader Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] is a day of resurrection and renewal for the Kurdish people, the oppressed peoples and all peoples fighting for freedom.”

Vejîn said: “The birth of Leader Apo is also the protection of the Kurdish people’s identity and existence. With the existence of the leadership, the Kurdish people protected their identity, culture and life. We consider the birth of Leader Apo as the birth of a society, not as an individual.

This struggle has been going on for 50 years. Leader Apo is the existence of the peoples. The Kurdish people have been marching with Leader Apo's struggle for 50 years, and this struggle has become universal. Leader Apo is currently in prison fighting for his people. As a society, we follow in the footsteps of Leader Apo. The resistance and struggle of the people and Leader Apo became historical and spread all over the world.”

At the same time, PJAK is entering the 19th year of its establishment on 4 April. “We have arrived where we are today thanks to the work of our martyrs who fought against the Iranian regime and its brutality. The people of Rojhilat have always struggled with this belief and power. We must stand together in the face of this resistance and struggle and we must continue in this way,” said co-chair Vejîn.

“The establishment of PJAK on this day shows that it has organized itself in the light of Leader Apo's thoughts and ideas and that it has continued its struggle and work to this day. PJAK has been developed from Maku to Loristan. We have left behind 18 years of struggle. We became stronger in every way politically, socially and militarily. PJAK brought the Apoist line in Rojhilat and Iran in general. The Apoist line is the democratic nation line. All achievements so far have been on this basis. We did not accept racism, the monist line. Against this, a struggle was. The Kurdish people in Rojhilat also saw their existence in the presence of the Leader. On this basis they showed their loyalty and struggled.”

PJAK’s co-chair added: “Our society today is waging a legal and democratic struggle. We have complemented each other since its establishment. Our struggle is the struggle of women and young people. This has emerged not only with words, but also with the struggle given. We need to further develop our struggle in this line. The regime has always put pressure on our society with its policy of torture, murder and starvation.

It is really important that we can solve the current problems in Rojhilat through political and democratic means. We are ready and continue our struggle to solve these problems.”