PKK: The fascist-genocidal murderers’ joy won’t last long!

The PKK Executive Committee pointed out that the assassination the Turkish state committed in Shengal came after long meetings and negotiations and added: “But their joy won’t last long.”

The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) Executive Committee issued a written statement on the air strike assassination of Yazidi Society Coordination Member Zeki Şengalî and pointing out the series of meetings between Ankara, Hewler, Baghdad and Washington, said: “There were long meetings and negotiations between these powers for Zeki Şengalî’s murder.” PKK added: “Mam Zeki’s students will hold all fascist murderers to account for what they did as unyielding Apoist militants.”


The PKK Executive Committee message is as follows:

“Mam Zeki of the Yazidi Kurdish people, the valiant freedom fighter of the people of Kurdistan, veteran militant of our Freedom Movement and Yazidi Society Coordination Comrade Member Zeki Şengalî (Ismail Ozden) has been martyred in the air strike against ancient Kurdistan land Shengal on August 15 by the fascist-genocidal Turkish army forces. First, we condemn the fascist-colonialist attack and say that the youth and the people of Kurdistan will hold the perpetrators to account. We remember Martyr Zeki Şengalî with gratitude and respect, and believe his memory will live eternal in Free Kurdistan and Democratic Autonomous Shengal.


Esteemed son of the Yazidi Kurdish people, Comrade Zeki Şengalî, born in Batman’s Beshiri district, was a great revolutionary and patriot who gave 40 years of his valuable life to the emancipation of Kurdistan and the free and democratic life of the Yazidi Kurdish people. Especially after he learned of Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s ideas and met him in person, his participation in the struggle was much stronger and more active. For years, he carried out revolutionary efforts in Europe and took on duties and responsibilities in every part of the struggle for freedom. By the early 2000s, he was a Central Committee member for our party, and later served as a member in the KCK Executive Council. On August 3, 2014, he went to Shengal following the genocidal ISIS attack against the Yazidi Kurdish people in Shengal and spent 4 years there, working relentlessly for the Yazidi Kurdish people and the peoples of Shengal to live freely in fraternity on the basis of democratic autonomy. He became the leader, representative and teacher of Shengali Yazidi Kurdish identity.


So, the attack against Zeki Şengalî is in essence a attack against the existence of the Yazidi Kurdish people and their democratic autonomous administration. The August 15 Shengal attack by Turkish fighter jets was also against the fraternity and democratic unity of the peoples of Shengal. This was an attack against the existence and freedom of the people of Kurdistan. With such an attack, they wanted to prevent the democratization of Iraq and Southern Kurdistan. This attack was a continuation of the August 3, 2014 ISIS attack and the April 24, 2017 Turkish attack, and a part of the attacks by the fascist Turkish forces against Afrin and Bradost. What ISIS fascism failed to do on August 3, 2014 the AKP-MHP fascism attempted to do on August 15, 2018.


These questions need to be asked clearly here: Under which rules or laws are fascist-genocidal Turkish forces bombing Southern Kurdistan and Shengal with jets, tanks and artilleries every now and then? Is Iraq a sovereign state, and is there a government in Baghdad? If it is, and if there is, then are Turkish fighter jets bombing Shengal with permission and demand of this state and this government? Also, what does the Southern Kurdistan administration in Hewler say about these bombings? Iraqi airspace has been under US protection for decades, so are Turkish jets bombing Shengal with support and approval from the US? It can clearly be seen and understood that the Iraqi Prime Minister’s visit to Ankara the day before and the intense meetings between the MİT and the KDP and PUK intelligence services that have continued for a while, and the meeting a US general had in Ankara two weeks ago were all for this. There were long meetings and negotiations between these powers for Zeki Şengalî’s murder.


Zeki Şengalî worked non-stop for the revolution for 40 years. He wanted nothing but the freedom of the Yazidi Kurds and the Kurdish people, and the fraternity of peoples. With his mature, hardworking and friendly nature, he worked constantly to serve his people and humanity. He synthesized the historical social character of the Kurdish people and the freedom teachings of Leader Apo to become an exemplary freedom fighter.

The fascist-genocidal murderers can dance with joy and scream hysterically as much as they want for killing such a freedom fighter. Their joy will not last long. The youth, the women and all the people of Kurdistan, our Yazidi people in particular, will bury the AKP-MHP fascism in history like they did with ISIS fascism with the struggle for freedom they will develop even further. Mam Zeki’s students will hold all fascist murderers to account for what they did as unyielding Apoist militants.

On this basis, we remember Comrade Martyr Zeki Şengalî once more with respect and gratitude, and we call on all the people of Kurdistan and the Kurdish youth and guerrilla to increase the revolutionary struggle for vengeance even further!

On the 15th anniversary of his martyrdom, we also remember Comrade Erdal (Engin Sincar) from the HPG Headquarters Command and state that we will continue to march on his path with more resolve in the coming period.”