PKK: The problems faced by the PUK should be resolved before the party gets hurt

The PKK Foreign Relations Committee stated that it is fully confident that the authorized mechanisms of the party elected at the PUK congress will resolve the emerging crisis within the PUK through party law and national responsibility.

The PKK Foreign Relations Committee made a call to the authorized bodies of the Yekîtîya Nîştîman Kurdistan (PUK) and said: “We express our belief and expectation that the [internal] problems will be resolved by the authorized mechanisms elected at the congress of the party, on the basis of party law and national responsibility.”

The statement added: “The party founded by Mr. Celal Talabani, the PUK, has taken an important stance in terms of democracy and freedoms as well as in the Kurdistan national struggle. This role and mission still continues for all Kurds and their friends. It is important that the problems that have arisen in recent days are resolved by the authorized mechanisms of the party on the basis of mutual understanding and dialogue. The PUK is a party that is cared for and appreciated in South Kurdistan as well as in other parts of Kurdistan and wherever there are Kurds. Furthermore, its role is decisive in solving the internal problems of the Kurds within the framework of dialogue and democracy, as well as in the work towards national unity. We believe that on the basis of responding to this role and expectations, problems will be solved without delay.”

The statement continued: “Considering the current conjuncture, it is clear that there are great dangers and risks as well as a threat to the achievements of the Kurds. Not solving the internal problems will affect the current situation of the PUK and lead to a weakening of its planning and work in the coming period and in the future. This will harm the Kurdish people's cause for freedom and democracy alongside the party.

As a party, we have always taken into account and cared for the role of the PUK in the Kurdistan freedom struggle. We valued the friendship of Celal Talabani, Ibrahim Ahmed and Leader Abdullah Öcalan and their approach to solving problems with a common understanding. We would like to state that we will fulfil our responsibility on the basis of the role and mission of the PUK in the coming period as well. We state that the problems should be resolved as soon as possible before they make the opponents and the enemies of the Kurdish people happy, and before the PUK is harmed.”