Protest against AKP-KDP partnership in Adygea

Kurdish women in Adygea condemned the invading Turkish state’s attacks against southern Kurdistan.

Kurdish women in the Adygea Republic in the Russian Federation issued a press release to condemn the Turkish state attacks against Southern Kurdistan.

Adygea Kurdish Cultural Association Co-president Sinem Broyeva spoke in the press conference held in the Adygea Kurdish Cultural Center and called on all women to awareness against the Turkish state’s invasion attempt.

Broyeva pointed out that the KDP is in collaboration with the Turkish state and said: “KDP is pushing treason on to Kurds in the Behdinan region now, after they did the same in Shengal and Kirkuk. The KDP administration is concerned with keeping good relationships with the Turkish state, a fascist state that imposed tyranny and death against the Kurdish people in all four parts of Kurdistan, and puts the gains of the Kurdish people -starting with Southern Kurdistan- at risk. Our women and our people should be more aware of these dirty tricks and resist the surrender imposed upon us by the KDP-AKP partnership.”

After the statement was read the women chanted “Biji Serok Apo” and “Jin Jiyan Azadi” before leaving the building.