PYD urges KDP to 'stop collaborating with the enemy'

PYD reacted to the KDP's construction of a road for the Turkish army which has suffered heavy losses in the face of the guerrilla resistance, saying that “This is a dirty business and is against all the national values of the Kurdish people.”

South Kurdistan’s ruling party KDP, which is dominated by the Barzani clan, is now trying once again to help Turkey's army, which is in trouble. On Saturday, the construction of a road between Girê Hekarî and Girê Amêdî began. The road is to run through the guerrilla area.

Published by ANF on Sunday, footage taken on 27 August shows two excavators, two bulldozers and five other vehicles paving a road into the guerrilla area. The Turkish army is getting nowhere in the guerrilla area, which is difficult to access, and is repeatedly attacked during airdropping operations. By building roads, the KDP wants to give Turkish troops access and isolate the guerrilla areas from each other.

In a written statement on Monday, the General Assembly of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) reacted to the cooperation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) with the Turkish state.

“Turkey has become even more brutal after its policies failed at home and abroad and the number of its supporters decreased. The fascist Turkish state wants to destroy the Kurdish people's hope for a free and dignified life. It seeks to destroy every single Kurd who fights for his identity and existence by openly waging a war of genocide and elimination,” the PYD said.

“The heroic resistance of the guerrillas in the mountains of Kurdistan and the will of freedom fighters against the policies of the fascist Turkish state, and against banned and chemical weapons is a historic epic that devastates the centre of fascism and its agents,” the statement emphasized.

Noting that the invading Turkish army received heavy blows in the face of the guerrillas' historic resistance, the PYD said, “For this reason, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) is constructing a new road for the Turkish army to use heavy weapons on the battle front. This road only serves the Turkish occupation. This is a dirty business and is against all the national values ​​of the Kurdish people. It is a cooperation with the enemy that targets our people at every moment. During this period, the KDP was actually supposed to unite around the guerrilla resistance and support it.”

“What they are doing is betrayal to the sacrifices of the young sons and daughters of our people and attacking from behind. We call on our people to stand up against the construction of this road and to display national reaction against these policies. Those who support the enemy are saving the enemy from a defeat.

We call on our people in South Kurdistan to stand by the guerrillas and their heroic resistance and to raise their voices against these genocidal attacks. The Kurdish people will stand by their heroes and will do whatever they could for victory and defeat of the enemy. No matter what conspiracies and attacks, our will is not going to be weakened. Victory will be ours.”