Racist attack on migrants results in injuries in Osmaniye

In Osmaniye in Turkey's Mediterranean region, a lynch mob chased a group of migrants who had fled from a detention centre. Numerous people were injured, and it is still unclear whether there are any dead.

Another brutal hunt against migrants has taken place in Turkey. According to reports, a group of migrants from Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan fled from a shelter in the village of Cevdetiye in the Mediterranean province of Osmaniye on Friday evening. Videos are circulating on the internet showing young men overcoming the barbed wire of the shelter, and shots can be heard. The footage shows people lying motionless on the ground, and it remains unclear whether they are dead or injured. In other sequences, fleeing people can be seen being pursued by a lynch mob with firearms.

According to available information, the migrants tried to escape the unbearable conditions in the shelter. It is certain that numerous people were injured during the chase. It is still unclear whether there were any deaths.

According to the governor of Osmaniye, "a group of strangers attempted to escape from the Osmaniye-Cevdetiye Temporary Accommodation Centre at 10 p.m." The private security service and the gendarmerie (military police) made the necessary intervention and brought the situation under control. "At the first moment of the incident, 35 strangers scaled the fence and escaped from the centre. All of them have been apprehended by the gendarmerie," the governor's statement said.