Remains of HPG guerrilla Emrah Arpak to be buried this morning

The remains of HPG member Emrah Arpak, who lost his life in clashes that broke out on 7 April in the region of Yüksekova, were delivered to his family.

Fierce clashes took place between HPG and TAF forces in the area of Cîlo, in the Oremar region of Yüksekova (Gever). After the clashes, HPG member Emrah Arpak, born in Elbak (Baskale) in the province of Van, lost his life and was taken to Hakkari State Hospital morgue.

Arpak's family applied to the Hakkari Chief Public Prosecutor's Office in April to receive the body and give DNA samples. After the DNA matched, Arpak's remains were eventually delivered to his family after 56 days.

Arpak's remains were taken from Hakkari State Hospital morgue by the family, who set off for Elbak to bury their son, possibly this morning.