Resistance of Maxmur people opens door to negotiation

The resistance of the Maxmur people for 3 days opened the door to negotiation.

The people have been resisting for three days against the Iraqi army's attempt to besiege the Martyr Rustem Cudi Refugee Camp in Maxmur. On Monday night, a delegation of Maxmur people shared the results of their meeting with the Iraqi authorities.

Maxmur Democratic People's Assembly co-chair Filiz Budak said: “Dear resisting people. The name of the Kurdish people is resistance and this includes the people of Maxmur.

We have been resisting here for three days. We have meetings, of course, but we cannot say that everything is concluded. We have brought the government to the negotiation table.

On the first day, they told us that they would never have dialogue. The three-day resistance of the people and society brought them to that table. They wanted to achieve their aim but could not. They came and sat at the table. They stopped digging trenches. We conveyed our demands to them. We will never accept the erection of towers, fences or ditches. Some of our requests were accepted. Now the decision to dig a trench is on the agenda. For this reason, they have stopped it for now, and will forward it to Baghdad with our other requests. We will have another meeting. The result will be known today.

We know very well that it was the power of the people that brought the government to this level.

Our vigil will continue. They will also wait in the ditches. Long live our organized people, long live our people who re-created themselves with the thought and philosophy of Rêber Apo!”