Schools open in Maxmur Camp under embargo

School bell rang today marking the new school year in Maxmur today.

The school year 2019-2020 has begun in the Martyr Rüstem Cudi (Maxmur) Refugee Camp today, the 67th day of the embargo imposed by KDP.

3,500 students are attending the classes on the first day of the school year which began with Kurdish national anthem "Ey Raqib", followed by speeches that also told of the current process the camp is being through.

Names of the 13 schools providing education in the Maxmur camp are:

Şehid (Martyr) Koçerin High School, Şehit Hivi Yekta High School, Şehit Jiyan Middle School, Şehit Deniz Fırat Middle School, Şehit Mihemed Karasungur Primary School, Şehit Dr. Nuri Dersim Primary School, Şehit Salih Kendal Primary School, Şehit Mihemed Kurt Primary School, Şehit Mizgin Kindergarten, Şehit Çiçek Kindergarten, Şehit Nujin Kindergarten, Şehit Kamuran Kindergarten and Şehit Evin Kindergarten.

The camp also houses Şehit Ferhat Kurtay Academy, Şehit Jiyan Academy and Kerim Kato University.