Shengal Assembly: KDP’s approach is unacceptable

The Shengal Democratic Autonomous Assembly has stated that issues will deepen if Turkey is allowed to enter the region.

The Shengal Democratic Autonomous Assembly issued a written statement on the Turkish state’s invasion attacks against Bashure Kurdistan and the statements given by Kurdistan Regional Government officials.

The statement is as follows: “The Turkish state has continued its attacks against Kurdish people’s gains for a long time. Like they attacked the Kurdish people through ISIS gangs, they now support gangs against the people. After ISIS gangs were defeated by Kurdish forces, the Turkish state has taken action against Kurds. They throw threats of invasion left and right in four parts of Kurdistan, like they lost their minds.


The Turkish state is not only fighting the PKK, they fight all Kurds. The Turkish state has made statements to keep the Kurds from achieving their rights countless times. But today, what hurts us is the statements by the Kurdistan Regional Government. It is not right to see the Turkish state’s invasion attacks as legitimate and blame the PKK in statements given to the press. The Kurdistan Regional Government, like the Turkish state, is committing a crime against the Kurdish people. The Kurdistan Regional Government and the KDP should review their Kurdishness. KDP has been supportig enemies of the Kurds for 40 years. They have put the struggle of the Kurdish people to the side. To avoid going down in history on a black page, the KDP should reconsider its approaches.


As the Shengal Democratic Autonomous Assembly, we cannot make sense of the stance the KDP has chosen to take, and we don’t accept it. As the people of Shengal, we stand with the people of Bashure Kurdistan to the end and we offer our support. PKK is fighting for all the oppressed peoples. We are calling on all international forces to speak out against the crimes against humanity the Turkish state commits.”