Shengal Autonomous Administration: Our struggle will grow in the new year

The Democratic Autonomous Administration of Shengal wished all the Christian and the Yazidi community a Happy New Year and vowed to fight to make Autonomous Shengal permanent in the New Year.

The Democratic Autonomous Administration of Shengal (MXDŞ) published a written message on the occasion of the New Year. Congratulating the Christian and the Yazidi community on the New Year, the Autonomous Administration said, "As the peoples of Shengal, we can fight against religious, sexist and nationalist fascist powers and build a democratic free life to the extent that we increase our struggle for coexistence."

The message said: "Throughout the year, the world witnessed many violent wars. A new year began in the shadow of these wars. Tens of thousands of people lost their lives and hundreds of thousands were injured. Despite the wars and the heavy prices paid, our hope for a free life without war and exploitation is still very much alive. We have great faith that all oppressed peoples will build a free life.

The peoples of North and East Syria and Shengal have been subjected to the attacks of the occupying Turkish state throughout the year. Despite all the attacks by the Turkish state, our struggle for the recognition of the status of the Autonomous Administration of Shengal and North and East Syria will continue uninterruptedly. We will defeat the system of capitalist modernity by building our autonomous system. As the Autonomous Administration of Shengal, we will make victory absolute by expanding our struggle for Autonomous Shengal in the new year.

Our Christian community in Mosul suffered tremendously in the fire disaster last year. Once again, we would like to express our sympathy for those who lost their lives. Together we will turn Mosul into a city where all peoples live together in brotherly coexistence. In the new year, we hope that such suffering will not happen again."

The Autonomous Administration wished a Happy New Year to the Yazidis in Shengal, Shêxan, Mosul, North and East Syria, Armenia, Europe, Russia and North Kurdistan, stating:

"As a result of the attacks carried out by the occupying Turkish state in 2023, we lost many of our valuable community leaders. The biggest response of the Yazidi community to these attacks has been to return to their land. The return of the Yazidis to their land is not only a response to the enemy attacks, but also a means of reclaiming their language, culture and faith. The people of Shengal will provide all kinds of support to those who will return home in the new year and will mobilize to build Shengal stronger.

Despite all their political and military attacks, they will not be able to break the hope of the people of Shengal. At the end of the year, they wanted the people of Shengal to enter the new year with poor morale both through military attacks and usurping their will in elections. However, our people are a conscious people and know very well how to frustrate these policies. Our people will give the strongest answer to our enemies by returning to their land despite all attacks and schemes. We will increase our struggle for the recognition of the autonomous status of Shengal in the new year. 

Happy anniversary of the establishment of the Shengal Autonomous Assembly, which is a historic step, to all the people of Shengal, especially the martyrs. We must turn this year into a year of struggle and resistance and make victory absolute. On this basis, we call on all our people to make our gains permanent by enhancing our struggle in the new year.

By raising our system of coexistence, we will put an end to the political powers that feed on war. We will realize the dreams of our martyred citizens by ensuring a free life. We strongly condemn the attacks that inflict this pain on our people. Fascism will eventually lose, and a free life based on the unity of peoples will surely win."