Shengal Council appeals to US to close North Iraq airspace

The Yazidi Council appeals to the US to close North Iraq airspace.

In a statement on the bombing carried out by Turkey on Wednesday in which 4 Yazidi members of YBŞ defense forces fell martyrs, the Yazidi Council asked: "How many of our people is Turkey allowed to kill before this finally ends? Will the US and EU Members stop Turkey killing us? What use did it have to end ISIS if Turkey is allowed to kill us anyway? Today Eli Xidir, Hemid Qasim, Eymen Murad and Nezar Murad (Zerdest Shingali) were killed by Turkey."

The Council reminded that "the Turkish state repeatedly attacks the Sinjar region and bombs the YBS positions. Based on these facts, there is no doubt that the Turkish government wants to continue the genocide of the Yazidis religion and empty the Sinjar region. Turkey wants to force all ethnicities and religious groups to become its proxies and servants. We refuse that and that is why Turkey decided to wipe us out."

The Council "appeal once again to the United States, which controls Iraqi airspace, to stop Turkey from attacking the Yazidis. In the four Turkish attacks since October 2019, many civilians have been killed and injured."

The Council in particular called on "the United States to close Northern Iraqi airspace, particularly around the Sinjar region, with immediate effect for the Turkish state, thereby stopping Turkish air strikes. We expect a written confirmation of this measure."