South Kurdistan government didn't see the Turkish massacre

Kurdistan Regional Government said they want "friendly relations with neighboring countries" and do not want the Kurdistan Region’s soil to be used "as a launchpad for attacks on any nation".

While the people in South Kurdistan protested constantly against the attacks carried out by the Turkish state, the Kurdistan Regional Government was keeping a disturbing silence.

Eventually, on Friday it condemned Turkish airstrikes which, earlier that day, had resulted in the death of five Kurdish civilians.

The KRG said through its spoksperson Joytar Adil: "We monitor with great concern and sadness the incidents of today and these past few days that led to life and material losses." 

The spokesperson added: "We condemn the martyrdom and harming of civilians by any entity for any reason.”  However, Adil stopped short of fully condemning the Turkish attacks and said: "We call on the Republic of Turkey to respect the sovereignty of our soil and country."

Adil also demanded that the PKK "leave" those areas to prevent further Turkish attacks and clashes between the two sides and added that the KRG wants "friendly relations with neighboring countries and does not want the Kurdistan Region’s soil to be used as a launchpad for attacks on any nation."