Students in South Kurdistan protest government non-payment of scholarship fees

Students protesting the non-payment of scholarship fees in South Kurdistan are increasing their demonstration.

A large number of university students in Sulaymaniyah took to the streets to demand the payment of their scholarships. In the Kelar district of Germiyan, students blocked the main road to traffic.

The deepening economic crisis in South Kurdistan continues to affect all sections of society. This time, the students took action against the non-payment of their scholarships.

Sulaymaniyah University students protested by not allowing teachers to enter the university.

While student protests are growing in the city, no statement has been made so far by the South Kurdistan administration about the non-payment of scholarships.

The South Kurdistan administration has not paid the scholarship costs of students since 2015. Previously, students staying in the city centre were paid 40,000 dinars per month, while dormitory students outside the city were paid 100,000 dinars a month.