The brave revolutionary with a smiling face

Martyr Cesur left deep traces with his honest and noble personality, his clarity of purpose and his love for guerrilla life. He was immortalized in the hearts of his comrades and the people as a smiling-faced heroic revolutionary.

Life actually exists through stories. Each new story brings us closer to the time we are in and makes us establish a bond. The battle between good and evil, right and wrong, new and old are the courses of life where these stories take place. And then there are those who struggle for the truth in this war, and writing their stories is hard for human beings. Fingers are not strong enough grasp the pen and write. One can write about everything, but one cannot write about those who sacrificed their lives for the life and freedom of their people, or rather, one knows that no matter how much he writes, he cannot repay the debt he owes to them, he cannot give them their due. He knows this because words are not enough to tell their story. Their stories lead one to the real truth; that is, to yesterday, today and tomorrow. One of them is the story of the valiant son of Amed, the martyr Cesur Vedat Welat.

Amed is the land of the unyielding

Every hero has a place where his story began, a place that nurtured him, a place where he sprouted from a seed. Every inch of Kurdistan bears the traces of relentless fights and the price paid for freedom. For centuries, the seeds of freedom have been sown and flourished in the hearts of valiant children. The ancient Kurdish city of Amed (tr: Diyarbakır) has witnessed great heroism throughout history and sacrificed many valiant sons and daughters for freedom. That is why Amed is the land of those who do not submit to oppression, exploitation and occupation. Martyr Cesur, as a successor of these heroes, ran from the bosom of the land where he grew up to the bosom of the revolution and did not hold back from the fight for his people until his last breath with an unshakable will like a plane tree.

Early acquaintance with the enemy and struggle

Cesur Vedat Welat (Abdulmuttalip Doğrucu) was born in a patriotic family in the Silvan district of Amed. This is a place where the state has waged all kinds of wars against the Kurdish people since the 90s. Like many others, the martyr Cesur grew up in that land with this reality. He grew up loyal to his country, language and culture with the patriotism he met from a young age. Normally, when a person is a child, they are most acquainted with their toys. This has never happened in Kurdistan. Children grow up in the shadow of the state's attacks, with their homeland occupied. In Kurdistan, children grow up in a country whose villages are bombed every day, whose water is polluted, whose nature is plundered, whose valiant sons and daughters are slaughtered and whose sacred lands are trampled under dirty feet. The Kurdish people recognize their enemies when they are children, because there is no state as immoral and dirty as the Turkish state. They practiced all kinds of torture without even considering age. Therefore, it is the Kurdish people's share to resist and struggle at all times. In this way, the martyr Cesur was introduced to both the struggle and the reality of the enemy at an early age. When he was 10 years old, he was deeply affected by the enemy's burning of their village after a guerrilla was martyred in their village.

Participation in the guerrilla ranks by taking his uncle's name

They say that no one can be ameliorated through oppression. In his child heart, he harbored great anger against the enemy who forced him and his family to migrate to Istanbul like thousands of Kurdish citizens. That anger would one day raise him to take revenge on this enemy. After his migration, he tried to fulfill his patriotic duty by taking part in the revolutionary youth organization in Istanbul, while working in different jobs to support his family. He was an agile and smart young man determined to finish the work he undertook. He worked in youth activities for years. He always knew how to stand against the enemy with an indomitable will.

The fact that many of his close family members and relatives had joined the guerrilla ranks before, and that his uncle Cesur (Vedat Doğrucu) and Farqîn Amed (Recep Güneşli), also a close relative, had fought against the enemy and fallen as martyrs, was a turning point for him. His promise to them and his hatred and anger towards the enemy have always been a reason for struggle. As a requirement of loyalty to the memory of the martyrs, he was aware that the way to further increase his struggle was to join the guerrilla ranks. On this basis, in 2017, he took his uncle's name and joined the guerrilla ranks.

Firm and decisive steps towards becoming a free individual

The PKK is an educational movement. First and foremost, one gets to know oneself. In the immense bond of being and becoming, one is born as if reborn. This birth passes through the unity of thought and action. People who are conscious in every aspect and who have grasped the secret of the truth of life are invincible. With the comprehensive education he received, he took firm and decisive steps towards becoming a free individual. He equipped himself in every aspect with military and ideological training. He always played a leading role among his friends with his agility and quick wit. Aware of his shortcomings, he was able to overcome them and turn them into a strong basis for progress. He could not get angry. Even if he got angry, after a short moment his face would light up and he would be the joy of the atmosphere. He was happy and proud when his comrades cheered up with him. He knew that the real revolutionary is the one who raises his comrade's head to the skies. The true comradeship is to establish a deep bond of life and to feel each other. That is why he was always known by all his comrades for his sincerity and smiling face.

Immortalized by leaving deep traces

Martyr Cesur, who took a determined stance in war as in life, wanted to respond to the attacks of the occupying Turkish state against the Medya Defense Zones, deepened more and more in guerrilla tactics every day and managed to become a competent guerrilla. With his deep concentration and the branch training he received, he did not let go of fighting even for a moment, knowing the reality of the enemy everywhere. With the organizational culture he received, he worked to the end in many regions of the Medya Defense Zones in order to be worthy of the revolution by adopting the principle of fulfilling his duty in the best way wherever he was assigned. Like many revolutionary heroes, martyr Cesur left deep traces with his honest and noble personality, clarity of purpose and love for guerrilla life, and joined the caravan of the immortals along with his comrades Ali Xebat Botan and Rênas Raperîn in the enemy attack in the Medya Defense Zones on March 10, 2023. He was immortalized in the hearts of his comrades and the people as a heroic revolutionary with a smiling face. With respect to him and the many heroic martyrs he succeeded...