‘The duty of all parties is to protect Kurdish gains'

Emphasising that the Iranian state, like the Turkish state, persecutes the Kurdish people, KNK member Esrîn Qadirî Abdullah said: "The duty of all parties against the attacks is to protect the gains of the Kurds."

Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) Member Esrîn Qadirî Abdullah stated that the Iranian and Turkish states meet at the same point when it comes to the Kurdish people.

Speaking to ANF, Esrîn Qadirî Abdullah underlined that there was no difference between the systems of both states in terms of the genocidal practices they inflicted on Kurds and said: "Both Iran and Turkey persecuted the Kurdish people, but the Kurdish people did not remain silent. There were peshmerga forces and parties in Rojhilat (Eastern Kurdistan) seeking their rights against Iran. There were parties in Turkey as well and they fought in the same way. These two governments are fascist and totalitarian. They have never allowed the people of Kurdistan to gain their freedom. What is important for me is the preservation of the gains that the Kurdish people have achieved so far. It is the duty of parties, independent personalities and civil organisations to protect these gains."

Pointing to the ‘Jin Jiyan Azadi’ (Woman, Life, Freedom) revolution that has been going on in Rojhilat and Iran for 2 years, Esrîn Qadirî said the following: "Women in Iran have been struggling continuously since 1957. There is not a single day when Iranian women and especially Kurdish women remain silent. After the murder of Jîna Emînî, a great revolt started in Rojhilat and all cities of Iran with the slogan 'Jin Jiyan Azadî'. We are fighting against a totalitarian and fascist regime. Therefore, after the protests in Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran covered up what happened as before. Therefore, the protests of the people, especially of women, have remained somewhat invisible. This does not mean that the revolution will not continue. Even now, in the cities of Kurdistan and other cities in Iran, women are struggling over the headscarf issue, which is an important matter in Iran. Even now, on the streets of Kurdistan and Iran, the ‘Jin Jiyan Azadi’ revolution continues."