The importance of hearing each other's voice

The guerrillas in the tunnels send greetings to each other with their actions.

The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas continue to be a nightmare for the Turkish army with the strength and morale they get from each other in the resistance areas.

Responding to the invasion attacks launched by the Turkish army on 17 April 2022, the guerrillas defeat the Turkish army in the mountains of Kurdistan by carrying out dozens of actions every day. The guerrillas in the tunnels send greetings to each other through their actions, and salute the voice of their comrades. A guerrilla exists because his/her comrade exists.

When the invading Turkish army is using all war devices, the resisting guerrillas do not forget to send greetings to each other. One of the guerrillas says the following to the other:

- We salute the resistance of our comrades resisting in Şıkefta Birîndara, they have always given us hope and strength since the beginning of the war, and we also greet our comrades who are also in the Werxelê resistance. If you have the opportunity to meet with other comrades, we want to greet our comrades in the Girê Cûdî and Amediyê War Tunnels. On our behalf, convey our greetings to all comrades. You have covered the places we were not.

The other guerrilla responds:

 - Heval, you have covered us.

The first guerrilla:

-We didn't do much.

The responding guerrilla:

- Heval, your stance there is worth everything and that's enough.

The guerrillas have always been able to fight against the invaders with the highest will and determination, even in the midst of what looked like an apocalypse, thanks to the strength they received from their comrades. It is with this determination that they have been carrying out the historical resistance in the Medya Defense Areas for 7 months.