"The people and the guerrilla will defeat the enemy together"

Guerrilla fighter Çekdar Rojhat is fighting against the Turkish invasion in the region of Heftanin in Southern Kurdistan. He speaks about the fierce resistance of the guerrilla and says: "The people and the guerrilla will defeat the enemy together."

The Turkish state's invasion attacks on Kurdistan continue. HPG guerrilla Çekdar Rojhat evaluated the invasion attacks and the guerrilla's resistance.

Guerrilla Çekdar Rojhat said that the Turkish state has began launching major attacks on many areas of Kurdistan, especially Heftanin.

Guerrilla Rojhat said: “The guerrilla stands up against such bombardment and strikes the enemy back. The guerrilla struggle started with a few people and turned into an army that reached thousands of people. It got the support of millions of people. The guerrilla force became the hope of the people of the region. Therefore, the guerrillas do everything to protect the people of Kurdistan and the region despite their limited possibilities. This will be so until we realize the dreams of the martyrs and the people."

Underlining that the invading Turkish state attacked Heftanin by using all kinds of sophisticated technology, Çekdar Rojhat said: "The region is bombed every day. As a result of these bombardments, the geography of Heftanin is changing. Freedom guerrillas also resist these attacks carried out by the invaders with a spirit of sacrifice. An epic resistance is carried out in Heftanin. This resistance in Heftanin gives people strength.”

Guerrilla Rojhat continued: “The Turkish state is currently running a psychological special war. This special war is waged primarily against Rêber Apo [President Ocalan] and the guerrilla. As guerrillas, we will defeat this special war. Our people should also be careful against the enemy's special war policies. They should not be afraid of the threats of the enemy. Wherever we are, we will protect our people."

Emphasizing that the people of South Kurdistan are a patriotic people, guerrilla Çekdar Rojhat added: "Our people living in the area of Heftanin know and see the resistance we oppose. They should support the guerrilla more because they witness how the guerrilla resists. The people of the South have been involved in history with their resistance, they are a patriotic people. As guerrilla, we will be stronger with our people. As long as the guerrilla exists, the enemy will not occupy our country."