"There is an international agreement on the occupation of Bashur"

"International and regional forces have agreed on an occupation of the region," says Dr. Rêbiwar Kerîm, spokesman for the Democracy and Justice Coalition in South Kurdistan.

Dr. Rêbiwar Kerîm, spokesman for the Democracy and Justice Coalition, spoke to RojNews about the recount of votes cast in the Iraqi parliamentary elections, the Iraqi Parliament's current ineffectiveness over developments in the region, occupation-targeted attacks by the Turkish state on South Kurdistan (Bashur) and the upcoming regional elections.

What kind of atmosphere is created by the recounting of the votes of the Iraqi parliamentary elections among the population? Have expectations or hopes been raised in society?

We no longer trust the results of these elections and have therefore proposed to cancel the elections altogether. The recounting in Kirkuk did not involve all members of the designated commission. However, we were well prepared for Sulaymaniyah. We opposed the election results in almost all of Kurdistan, and in Sulaymaniyah even at all ballot boxes.

Do you think the results will change?

If they do not change, we will lose all belief in elections.

How will you act if nothing changes?

At the moment we are waiting for the results. We will say something once they are announced. We know that the polls are not in safe hands. However, we are not alone in this opinion, and other forces agree with us. Therefore, we will develop a common attitude.

Another problem in Iraq is the end of the third parliamentary term. There is a legislative gap. What problems could arise for Iraq in this process?

Of course, this gap is very bad. The responsibility for this must be taken over by the ruling powers who cheated in the elections.

When the Iraqi parliament was still working regularly, it was said that neighboring countries had interfered in the internal affairs of Iraq. Could there be any external intervention due to the current lack of legislation?

Iraq has always been intervened from outside. The Parliament's current lack of functionality contributes to increasing the involvement of foreign forces in the region. In addition, the regional forces have agreed on an intervention. On the contrary, Iraq must only make its decisions itself.

In your opinion, what is the purpose of the occupation of South Kurdistan territory by the Turkish military?

The international and regional forces have agreed on an occupation of the region. This occupation must be viewed from a broad perspective. The states of the region must obey international law and respect the territorial sovereignty of Iraq. The Kurdistan regional government must act according to its responsibilities. The territorial integrity of Iraq and South Kurdistan should under no circumstances be violated and the life of the civilian population should not be jeopardized. Human lives are the red line for us.

It is said that the parliamentary elections in Kurdistan will be postponed indefinitely. What do you say about this debate?

We are against a postponement.

Are you in favor of a presidential system in the Kurdistan Autonomous Region?

The system of a country is defined in the legal framework. However, the problem of the Kurdistan region is the absence of laws. Related construction attempts have been fended off in the past by the existing government.

What will you do to protect the polls in Kurdistan regional elections?

The electoral fraud is inevitable. To prevent this is not in our hands. The government and electoral commissions must prevent it. For example, Kurds from other parts of Kurdistan are issued electoral ID cards. In the electoral lists are about half a million people who go with fake ID cards. The electoral list must be re-drafted by the responsible commission.