Three HDP mayors jailed in Van

Three detained co-mayors were remanded in custody while three others were released on condition of judicial control in Van.

As part of its increasingly ongoing political genocide operations, the Turkish regime targeted democratically elected mayors of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) in Van province on December 6.

Of the detained politicians, Muradiye district municipality co-mayor Yılmaz Şalan, Özalp district municipality co-mayors Dilan Örenci and Yakup Almaç were remanded in custody on Monday. Başkale district municipality co-mayor Erkan Acar and Muradiye district municipality co-mayor Leyla Balkan were released on condition of judicial control.

The arrested co-mayors, accused of “being members and spreading propaganda of a terrorist organization”, have been taken to Van T Type Closed Prison.

One day after the arrest of the co-mayors, the municipalities of Özalp, Muradiye and Başkale were seized through an appointment of trustees.

With the recent seizures, 31 municipalities held by the HDP have been usurped by the government, including three metropolitan municipalities; Diyarbakır, Van and Mardin.