Turkish air raid kills 4 civilians in Sida – UPDATE

Turkish aerial bombardment killed four civilians in Sida region of southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

Turkish fighter jets have shelled the village of Sida in Sheladize town in South Kurdistan on Friday. According to information obtained from local sources, the strikes targeted two vehicles. Initial reports say that four villagers lost their life as a result of the attack; two from the Rekani tribe and 2 from the Oramar tribe. Reports are also coming through of injuries as a result of the bombardment.

The slain civilians have been identified as Newzat Mustafa İslam, Deman Omer, Azad Mehdi and Muxlis Adem.

Further air raids by the Turkish army targeted the village of Golka in Metina region. Local sources say that a civilian by the name of Emin Salah Hesen, from the Berwari tribe, lost his life in the attack.