Turkish army shells rural areas in Bagok

After the declaration of a 15-day "special security zone" in the rural areas of Mount Bagok, the Turkish state forces started bombarding these areas.

The rural areas of 5 villages in the foothills of Mount Bagok in the Nusaybin district of Mardin were declared as "temporary special security zones" for 15 days. Mardin Governorate announced a 15-day temporary special security zone in rural areas of Xirabêmişka (Dağiçi), Marînê (Eskihisar), Badibbê (Dibek), Qutbî (Yelekli) and Sîderî (Üçyol) villages. The governorate announced that the ban would last from 22 April until 6 May.

After the declaration of the restriction, warplanes bombed the areas of Ora Kevir, Dora Koçek and Kevirê Reş as well as the areas around the graves of fallen guerrillas.

Gunshots were heard around Xirabêmişka rural area today.

People in the region reported that they could not leave their houses due to the bombardment.