Turkish army tries to hide losses with lies

Medya Defense Zones Conducting Command stated that the invading Turkish army is resorting to fake news to hide their heavy losses, calling on the people to be aware of the false information.

Medya Defense Zones Conducting Command stated that the Turkish army, having suffered heavy losses in recent days, is resorting to fake news.

The statement said, “After HPG and YJA Star hit 6 military base areas effectively in Sirnak and Semzinan on November 9 and 10, and after footage from the action against the Slort Hill in Semdinli’s Besosin (Ortaklar) outpost surfaced, the Turkish state has launched intense random mortar and artillery fire against Medya Defense Zones due to the heavy losses they suffered and the shock they experienced. These attacks are being exaggerated by the pool media, and the truth is being hidden from the public in Turkey and the world as they speak of dozens of guerrillas being martyred.”


The statement stressed the following: “We would like to state that there hasn’t been a single guerrilla martyred in the timeframe they speak of. On the contrary, our forces have caused heavy losses to the invading Turkish army with the effective actions in Northern Kurdistan, as seen in Medya Defense Zones and Gabar. The colonialist-fascist Turkish state’s declarations about our movement have nothing to do with the truth today, as they didn’t in the past.


As seen in the attacks against the Mark Stream area, a touristic area in Southern Kurdistan, on November 9, the mindset that heeds no rules of war has attacked our civilian people and the natural environment in Kurdistan in coordination with UAVs. It is apparent that this mindset has been resorting to disseminating false information to affect the morale of our patriotic people. We are calling on our people for awareness against false information and fake news, and to not pay any mind to those who disseminate them.”