Turkish attack on Avaşin and Zap: 28 soldiers killed, 2 helicopters damaged by guerrillas

Turkey has launched a new invasion attack on guerrilla areas. HPG responded to the attacks immediately and stated, “28 Turkish soldiers have been killed, 9 others injured, and 2 attack helicopters were damaged in the counterattacks so far.”

The Press Centre of the People’s Defense Forces (HPG-BIM) released a written statement concerning the latest wave of Turkish invasion attacks and guerrilla resistance in the Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

The statement published on Monday includes the following:

“The occupying Turkish army has been carrying out intense ground and aerial attacks against Medya Defense Zones for months. The Turkish offensive has escalated in the Avaşîn and Zap regions, especially between April 14 and 17. A new invasion attack was launched by the Turkish army in the Avaşin and Zap regions in the evening of April 17.

In the Avaşîn region;

On April 17, at around 19:00, the Turkish army airdropped troops 8 times in the Werxelê area of ​​the Avaşîn region which was, at the same time, heavily bombed by Turkish attack helicopters. Our forces intervened with the Turkish troops with heavy weapons while they, on the other hand, struck the Turkish soldiers with individual weapons. The Turkish army retrieved its dead and injured soldiers from the village of Werxelê with the support of attack helicopters.

At 01:30 at night, the Turkish troops attempting to take control of the Werxelê Hill were repelled by our forces with individual and semi-automatic weapons. While 2 Turkish soldiers were killed there, Turkish fighter jets bombed the area at 02:45. The Turkish troops seeking to advance in the Werxelê area were struck by guerrillas employing sabotage tactics at 03:10 at night. During the course of this action, 8 Turkish soldiers were killed.

At 03:40, another group of Turkish soldiers seeking to establish positions in the Werxele area were shot with individual weapons, leaving 2 soldiers dead and 3 others injured. The Turkish soldiers retreated after this action.

At 04:20 in the morning, the Turkish troops trying to get stationed in the Werxelê area were hit once again and forced to retreat. At 05:00 in the morning, 1 soldier was killed in a targeted action. Armed clashes that erupted between our forces and the Turkish soldiers who sought to get stationed on Werxelê Hill at 09:40 are still continuing.

In the Zap region;

From April 14 to April 17, the Turkish army heavily bombed Kurojahro, Şikefta Birîndara, Ertuş, Şehîd Şahin, Karker and Çiyareş areas with fighter jets and howitzers. On April 17, the Turkish army launched a large-scale invasion attack in all of these areas using attack helicopters and drones.

The Turkish army tried to airdrop troops from Sikorsky helicopters while bombing the Çiyayê Reş, Ertuş, Şikefta Birîndara and Werxelê areas in the Zap region from their border outposts. Following the intervention of our forces, many Turkish helicopters had to retreat before they could land. An attack helicopter seeking to land in the Girê Şehîd Şahîn area was hit and damaged by our forces.

A helicopter squadron taking off from Silopi district of Şırnak province flew over the KDP-controlled areas of Bamernê, Amêdî and Dêrelok before bombing the Kuro Jahro area. The guerrillas successfully intervened against an airdropping mission. Soldiers were airdropped from a helicopter at nearby Hill Şehîd Amargî, and three soldiers were shot dead by YJA Star fighters. At the same location, the YJA Star used sabotage tactics against the occupiers. Four more soldiers were killed in the action.

The invasion takes place with the support of the KDP

The attack on the Kuro Jahro area proves that the invasion is taking place in collusion with the KDP. Without the cooperation of the KDP, the Turkish army would not have been able to attack in the south of the Zap region. At the same time, ground troops from the Turkish base at Sîrê in the KDP -controlled village of Sheladize moved out to get stationed in Kuro Jahro. This advance was stopped by the guerrillas. Intensive KDP military movements took place last night in Dêrelok, Şîladizê and towards Barzan.

Turkish troops were airdropped from two helicopters in the village of Kevirêkun in the Şikefta Birîndara area at 9 pm. The guerrillas gained control of the unit and carried out an action, killing at least five soldiers. The surviving soldiers then retreated toward Kaniya Skorsky. At 10 p.m., another guerrilla action took place, killing three soldiers and injuring six others. After that, the Şikefta Birîndara area was bombed four times by fighter jets. In the early morning, combat helicopters attacked the area. The guerrillas intervened and forced the helicopters to withdraw.

The HPG also intervened against airdropped troops in the part of the Werxelê area located in the Zap region. An advance by the Turkish army on the Çiyareş line was stopped twice using sabotage tactics, and the unit was forced to withdraw. Further details will be released at a later date.

In the Çemço area, two attack helicopters were struck by the guerrillas, one of which was badly hit and had to turn around. The Turkish Army's airdropping attempts at Kuro Jahro continued in the morning and the guerrillas forced two attack helicopters and one transport helicopter to retreat.

"The first wave of attacks has failed"

In the last four days alone, our territories have been bombed 147 times by fighter jets, and there have been countless howitzer attacks from the ground. In the airspace, flights of armed drones and fighter jets continue to take place without interruption. The first wave of attacks on the regions of Avaşîn and Zap failed due to the resistance of our forces, which was carried out with great sacrifice. In the actions of our forces so far, 28 invaders were punished, nine invaders were injured and two attack helicopters were hit. The heroic resistance of our forces and the battles continue in massive form."