Turkish bombardments cause damage to civilian settlements in South Kurdistan

The Turkish army's bombings have caused huge damage to civilian settlements in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

Seeking to depopulate the region, the Turkish army has been targeting civilian settlements in South Kurdistan. Reporting from the ground, ANF correspondent Dilara Nurhaq exposes the results of Turkish bombings in the Garê area and the damage done to the environment.

Many roads leading to the villages in the region were severely damaged in an area targeted by repeated bombings by the Turkish army. Many villages in the region from Duhok to Amadiya have been cut off from each other due to the Turkish bombardments. Villagers cannot move in the area to take care of their gardens and fields in the spring months.

Locals regard the attacks in and around Garê as a special policy targeting the people of South Kurdistan. KDP officials collaborating with the invading Turkish state in the region threatened villagers several times to evacuate the area. When the threats failed, attacks by the Turkish state escalated.

Local people say that the lack of response by the local authorities paved the way for the attacks of the Turkish state.