Turkish drone attack on Shengal

Turkey has again attacked the Yazidi settlement area of Shengal in northern Iraq. According to initial reports, there were no casualties, but there was extensive damage to property.

Shengal was again bombed by a Turkish combat drone on Tuesday. The target of the attack at around 6 p.m. local time was Hesin Meman Dome in central Shengal.

According to information from the ground, there was extensive damage to property, but no people were harmed.

The northern Iraqi region of Shengal is the last contiguous settlement area of the Yazidi people and is permanently at the focus of Turkey's cross-border airstrikes. At the end of last week, two drone attacks were reported in the region. The targets were a residential building in the self-governing town of Khanasor (Xanesor) and a vehicle driving on highway 47 near the village of Cidalê (Jaddala), southwest of Shengal city.

In Shengal, air strikes have increasingly been carried out since 2017 under the pretext of "fighting the PKK". The specific targets are mostly representatives and institutions of the Democratic Autonomous Assembly of Shengal (MXDŞ) and the defence units YBŞ/YJŞ. The victims are mainly civilians - often survivors of the 2014 ISIS genocide. In June, three civilians were killed in a Turkish drone attack in Shengal, including a twelve-year-old child. In February, three civilian Arab workers died in multi-hour bombings on 22 targets. In December 2021, Merwan Bedel, co-chair of the MXDŞ Executive Commission, a long-time core personality of the autonomous administration, was assassinated in a Turkish drone strike. A doctor and nurses were among the eight people killed in an air strike on a hospital in Sikêniyê in August 2021.