Turkish operational plans in Southern Kurdistan are being fleshed out

The Turkish state is pressing ahead with its planned operation against the Kurdish freedom movement in northern Iraq.

As part of its new occupation plan for southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq), the Turkish state has enforced the deployment of troops from the Barzani clan in the guerrilla area as "Iraqi border guard units". Talks have taken place in recent days between the Turkish military and the alleged Iraqi border guards. The Anadolu News Agency (AA) and other media reported on this latest development on behalf of the Turkish Ministry of Defense. The published photos show that the alleged border guards are the KDP’s Zerevani force and the Gulan units of Masrour Barzani. Following this development, the Turkish state is expected to meet with Baghdad officials in the coming days as part of its new occupation plan.

According to Turkish media reports, Lieutenant General Metin Tokel discussed various topics with Iraqi border guards. A photo published for this purpose was edited to conceal the true identity of the interlocutors. In this context, the Kurdistan Region badge on Salar Teymur's uniform was censored. Teymur is one of the commanders of the Zerevani troops, which are a private army of the Barzani clan and not part of the regular Peshmerga. One of Zerevani’s tasks is to provide security for the Turkish army. Some of these troops have been specially trained to fight against the guerrillas. The KDP cadre Dilêr Ferzende, nephew of Hoşyar Zebari, can also be seen in the photo.

According to available information, a meeting between Turkish Defense Minister Yaşar Güler and his Iraqi counterpart Sabit al-Abbasi has been scheduled for Thursday. The main topic is said to be an operation against the Kurdish freedom movement. Extensive air strikes and a ground operation are being discussed.