Turkish soldiers don’t allow repairs on water station

The water pumping station in the Mebruka district that was harmed by ISIS gangs in 2014 can’t be repaired as Turkish soldiers open fire on anybody who approaches.

The Al Ajla, Im Jirin, Herubi, Rajan, Rajia, Kalia and Abu Jilud villages in Heseke’s Mebruka district have had problems with the water supply since 2014. The distribution station in the Herube village near the Turkish border that used to supply water for these villages was rendered unusable by ISIS gangs in 2014. The invading Turkish soldiers along the border line have been opening fire on the municipality workers and civilian units who want to repair the water station, not allowing anybody to get close enough to do repairs.


The current situation creates great problems for the villagers, who haven’t had running water for years. They have to buy water constantly. Villager Ednan Mihemed said: “El Tiwin is the hub for water, it provided water for 7 villages. After ISIS attacked in 2014, the water was cut off.”

Villager Ehmed El Salih called on the authorities and said the water station must be repaired at once to provide water for the people again.


Mebruka Popular Municipality’s Co-mayor Mehmud Oso said the Turkish soldiers along the border line prevent them from solving the issue: “Many NGOs and our municipal units have tried countless times to resolve the matter. But the Turkish soldiers open fire on all who approach the water station.”

Mehmud Oso said the municipality will fulfill their duties and see to the people’s need for water.