Turkish warplanes bomb Mount Asos

The occupying Turkish state bombed Mount Asos on the border of Qeladiz district of Raperin in South Kurdistan.

According to RojNews, Turkish warplanes bombarded Kurîsî hill on Mount Asos on the border of Qeladiz district of Raperin region in the morning.

Detailed information about the bombardment was not immediately available.

Air strikes by Turkey in violation of international law have been routine for years in the regions of Pênciwen and Mount Asos, which lies a good 200 kilometres from the Turkish state border. Other areas of the territory of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) and Iraq, especially those where Kurdish guerrillas are suspected, but also civilian settlement areas such as Shengal, are also regularly bombed by the Turkish army.

In an interview with ANF on 19 June 2023, Şiyar Şevger, one of the commanders of the YRK, stated that attacks against the Kurdish people in all four parts of Kurdistan continued uninterruptedly and behind it was an agreement between Iran, Turkey and Iraq to disarm the Kurdish freedom movements.

"There is an agreement according to which the Iranian intelligence service passes on the information it receives about PJAK to the Turkish state and the Turkish army carries out attacks on the basis of this information. Every day, reconnaissance planes circle over our areas, the collected information is passed on to the Turkish state by the KDP and Iran, and then attacks on us take place on this basis. However, the Turkish and Iranian states have not been able to achieve any results in these attacks so far and have failed against our Apoist movement,” Şevger said.