Two killed, dozens injured during protests in Southern Kurdistan

Reports are coming through of casualties during the growing protests in Southern Kurdistan, Northern Iraq. 17-year-old Ako Selman died in Kifri, Germiyan and a 16-year-old in Chamchamal, Sulaymaniyah.

At least two persons died and dozens were injured during the protests against economic crisis in Southern Kurdistan on Monday. Buildings of all parties were set on fire.

According to RojNews agency based in Southern Kurdistan, demonstrators set fire to the PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) building in the Kifri town in Germiyan city in the evening. As the building was set on fire, security forces opened fire on the crowd. 17-year-old Ako Selman, who was heavily wounded by gunshots, lost his life.

Demonstrators then targeted the buildings of the KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) and Gorran (Change) Movement. Further details were not immediately available.

In the town of Chamchamal, a 16-year-old died and two persons were injured in the town of Chamchamal in the evening. According to reports, Adem Yahya lost his life as result of fire opened by KDP forces.

Clashes erupted during the protests in the town of Ranya where around 20 demonstrators were injured and as many were taken into custody.

In the town of Said Sadiq, about 50 kilometers east of Sulaymaniyah, several buildings were set on fire, including those of KDP, PUK, Gorran, Komela Îslamî, Yekgirtû Îslamî, District Governor’s Office, Police Station and the house of the district governor. Reports say that several people were injured during the demonstrations.