Two MLKP/FESK guerrillas martyred in Turkish airstrike in Dersim

MLKP Kurdistan has announced the martyrdom of two guerrilla fighters as result of an air raid by the Turkish state in Dersim on July 10.

MLKP Kurdistan released a statement announcing the martyrdom of two guerrilla fighters in the countryside of Dersim province, northern Kurdistan.

According to the statement, two members of the Marxist Leninist Communist Party/Armed Forces of the Poor and Oppressed (MLKP/FESK) fell as martyrs in an airstrike carried out by the Turkish state in Ovacık district of Dersim on 10 July 2019.

The statement identified the martyrs as Dersim Rural Guerrilla Unit Commander Taylan Kutlar (Adil Yıldırım) and guerrilla fighter Hıdır Çallı (Özkan Aslan) who fell alongside three comrades from the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party).

MLKP Kurdistan saluted the brave resistance and struggle of the two martyrs and reiterated their promise to bring the fascist colonialist Turkish state and its pack of murderers to account.

“We promise the families and friends of our martyrs once again that we will raise higher the flag of honor and freedom which our martyrs handed down to us, and that we will keep the war going until their dreams of socialism and communism are realized,” said the statement and summarized the struggle life of the two martyrs as follows;

“Taylan Kutlar went to Rojava and joined the revolution together with a group of comrades in August 2012. He had played an active role in all the battles in Derik, Rimelan and Til Kocher before he crossed into Kobane in October 2014 to take his part in the battle of the century. He fought bravely in a militant spirit in the hand-to-hand battle given against ISIS that attacked the city with the support of the fascist colonialist Turkish state.

Hıdır Çallı, on the other hand, started his revolutionary works in Istanbul and continued his struggle as a guerrilla in Kobanê, Siluk and Girê Spî regions of Rojava (West Kurdistan), in Shengal region of Bashur (South Kurdistan) and in Dersim in Bakur (North Kurdistan).

In 2014, he left Istanbul and went to Kobane to fight against the ISIS that intended to occupy Kobane with the Turkish state’s support. In the spring of 2015, he left for the Cizire Canton and took part in the Martyr Rubar Campaign as a fighter of the Martyr Serkan Battalion. He remained on the frontlines in the liberation campaigns for Mabruka, Siluk and Gire Spi, and in the move to expand the revolution to the territory of the Arab people. He also participated in the defense of Shengal and the Yazidi people. He finally returned to his hometown Dersim after being assigned there by his party.”

ID details of the two MLKP/FESK guerrillas were announced as follows;

Party Name: Adil Yıldırım

First-Last Name: Taylan Kutlar

Mother’s Name: Sultan

Father’s Name: Battal

Date of Birth: 14.06.1980

Place of Birth: Malatya/Arguvan

Date of Martyrdom: 10 July 2019


Party Name: Özkan Aslan

First-Last Name: Hıdır Çallı

Mother’s Name: Makbule

Father’s Name: Ali

Date of Birth: 14.08.1983

Place of Birth: Dersim

Date of Martyrdom: 10 July 2019