Two YJA Star guerrillas martyred in fighting in North Kurdistan

Guerrilla fighters Evîndar Kevok and Eylem Sîpan died three days ago in the course of a Turkish military operation in the Serhat region. The HPG pays tribute to their struggle and offers their condolences to their families.

The press centre of the People's Defence Forces (HPG) announced the martyrdom of guerrilla fighters Evîndar Kevok and Eylem Sîpan in action against the Turkish army in North Kurdistan.

Regarding the circumstances of the deaths of the two female fighters, who belonged to the YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops), the women's guerrilla force of the Kurdish liberation movement, the HPG said: "On 16 August, the genocidal troops of the Turkish state in the Serhat region launched a comprehensive occupation operation in the Tendürek area. In the course of clashes, heavy blows were dealt to the enemy. Our comrades Evîndar and Eylem put up selfless resistance until the last moment before joining the caravan of martyrs. These esteemed companions made significant efforts for the development of the women's guerrilla force in the Serhat region for many years. With their clear stand on the line of women's liberation, they were exemplary militants of YJA Star. We promise to do justice to their legacy of struggle and defend their sincere and intimate friendship."

The identity information of the two fallen guerrillas is as follows:

Nom de Guerre: Evîndar Kevok
First-Last Name: Tuğba Tambahçeci
Birthplace: Van
Mother's-Father's Name: Hatun – Mehmet Emin
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 16 August 2022 / Serhed


Nom de Guerre: Eylem Sîpan
First-Last Name: Devlet Taşır
Birthplace: Van
Mother's-Father's Name: Fatma – Enver
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 16 August 2022 / Serhed


Evîndar Kevok was born in the Çaldıran district of Van. Her family is patriotic and known for their closeness to the Kurdish liberation movement. As a result, she experienced oppression by the Turkish state at an early age. As a young woman, Evîndar Kevok began studying software development at the university in Ağrı, where she came across the writings of the Kurdish mastermind Abdullah Öcalan. Over time, she began to get involved in the ranks of the youth movement. However, in order to oppose Turkish fascism and repression and to make a radical break with the system, she left university and took to the mountains in 2011.

Evîndar Kevok gained practical guerrilla experience first in Xakurke and then in the Zap in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). Later, she focused on the martial art of guerrilla warfare and underwent a series of special tactical training programmes. In 2016, she moved to the Serhat region as commander of the YJA Star.


Eylem Sîpan was also from Van. She was born to a patriotic family in Erciş district. Since her childhood, she has witnessed the dialectic of oppression and liberation followed by even more and stronger oppression of resistance all over the Kurdish areas of the country. When the Turkish state abruptly ended the peace talks with the PKK in 2015 and unleashed an all-out war against the Kurds, Eylem Sîpan also went through a daily life defined by political and physical extermination operations of the Turkish state against Kurdish society. In 2016, she joined YJA Star.

For more than six years, Eylem Sîpan was active in the Serhat region and participated in the struggle against the Turkish state power. She spent most of her time at Tendürek, a dormant shield volcano between Doğubayazıt in Ağrı and Çaldıran. Here, she participated in various guerrilla offensives and actions against the Turkish military.

Commenting on the loss of Eylem Sîpan and Evîndar Kevok, the HPG said: "These two comrades have made a historic stand against the colonialists with their selfless attitude. They have written epics of heroic deeds, especially in Serhat. We extend our sincere condolences to the patriotic public of Kurdistan and in particular to the people of Van for the loss of Evîndar and Eylem."