Victims of the Turkish bombing of Sikêniyê clinic in Shengal commemorated

One year ago, the Turkish Air Force bombed the Sikêniyê Clinic in Shengal in northern Iraq, killing eight people in the rubble. The health committee of Shengal commemorated the victims in front of the ruins of the hospital.

The Turkish air force bombed the Sikêniyê clinic in Shengal on 17 August 2021. The target of the four bombs were sick people, doctors and nursing staff. Eight people were killed and four injured in the attack. Four of the dead were fighters from the Shengal Resistance Units (YBŞ) who were receiving medical treatment, while the other four were hospital staff. Their names were Hemîd Sadun (Qîran Sîba), Xidir Şeref (Pîr Xidir), Rami al-Salim (Ronî), Meytem Khidir Khalaf (Serhed Zemar), Elî Reşo Xidir, Sedo Îlyas Reşo, Hecî Xidir and Muhlise Sidar. Muhlise Sidar was from Şirnak and had come to Shengal after the 2014 genocide to heal the wounds of the Yazidi community and provide health services.

The Shengal Health Committee commemorated the anniversary of the air raid by laying flowers in front of the ruins of the destroyed hospital. On behalf of the committee, Tehsin Şengalî issued a statement commemorating the dead and calling the bombing of the hospital the culmination of a whole chain of airstrikes by Turkey on Shengal.

"The Turkish state has been attacking Iraqi territory for a long time and Iraq is silent about it," Şengalî said. "As a health committee, we condemn these attacks and call on human rights institutions to live up to their responsibilities. At the time of the ISIS attack on Shengal, there was no institution providing health services. Therefore, we built a health centre to meet the needs of the population. After the attack on the clinic, this service had to be stopped. Nevertheless, we continue our work to fulfil our humanitarian responsibility."