We are aware of the guerrilla's role in history

HPG commander Ferman Botan said that the Turkish state had calculated that if it managed to take Heftanîn it will take the whole South Kurdistan, was faced with the great resistance of a determined and motivated guerrilla.

HPG commander Ferman Botan emphasized that the resistance of the guerrilla provided great morale and motivation, despite the fact that NATO's second largest army display of all sorts of sophisticated war technology.

HPG commander Botan spoke to Stêrk TV about the attack aiming at taking Heftanîn, which was launched by the Turkish army on 16 June, and the historical resistance opposed by the guerrilla.

Stating that the Turkish state sees Heftanîn as the main gate to South Kurdistan, commander Botan said: “They thought that if they take Heftanîn, they can take the whole South. Guerrillas have been in Heftanîn for 40 years. If Turkey doesn’t get results in Heftanîn, it won’t get results elsewhere and won’t be able to establish the buffer zone it intended to establish.”

Commander Botan said that Turkey wanted to repeat what it did in Botan, Xakurkê, Girê Spi and Serêkaniyê and added that this attack was part of a big plan. However, there is a difference, said Commander Botan. “The Turkish army has bombed the same area 50 times in one night, and then riddled the entire area with offensive helicopters. Whenever it tried to down troops with Skorsky helicopters, however, it was stopped by the guerrilla resistance. The Turkish army did not think it would encounter such a defense, it was shocked. Every time it tried to down troops, we hit it and did not allow it. It made four attempts to down soldiers in Martyr Adar and Xantur before actually doing it.”

Commander Botan added: “We know them, they also know us ... Anyone who enters the territory of Heftanîn and helps the Turkish state is our target. We warn the village guards again and again, we told them not to send their children there. The PKK has not been kneeling for 40 years, and it won’t kneel now. We are the sacrifices of this people.”


Underlining that the Turkish army could not occupy any hill without suffering heavy loss, Commander Botan said: “They evacuated all the villages. They slaughtered civilians without making any distinction between children or women. Can't they distinguish the guerrillas from the people with this sophisticated technology? Of course they can but shoot anyway. The martyrs fell resisting with great determination. Clashes continue in Xantur. Actions take place every day. There is action every day in Dûpişk. There is great resistance in Şeşdara. This resistance will continue. We will not leave Heftanîn.”

HPG commander Botan said that the resistance of the guerrilla provided great morale and motivation and countered the NATO's second largest army. Great resistance continues. The guerrilla's morale is very high. Every bomb they dropped on Heftanîn further strengthened our will. Our morale is high, because the guerrilla sees it clearly; The Turkish army could not go one step forward without technology.”