Werxelê mobile guerrillas units prevent Turkish army from advancing in South Kurdistan

In addition to the resistance in the Werxelê war tunnels, mobile guerrilla units play an important role in the task of stopping the Turkish army in the border area with the Medya Defense Areas.

Since 7 June, the Turkish army has been trying to occupy the Werxelê area, which is strategically located on the border with the South Kurdish region of Avaşîn. With a combination of fighters entrenched in tunnels and mobile units in the field, the guerrillas have succeeded in repelling the Turkish NATO army for five months. During this time, the mobile guerrilla units carried out dozens of offensive actions against the Turkish army and relieved the pressure on the fighters inside the war tunnels. The highly professional approach of the mobile guerrilla units is bearing fruit. Despite air strikes around the clock, artillery shelling and attacks by combat helicopters, these units in Werxelê have not recorded any losses in five months of war and continue to fight unabated.

"We draw our strength from the resistance in the war tunnels"

In an interview right before an action, YJA star fighter Adîfe Kanireş, who is part of a mobile unit in Werxelê, said: “We have been following the movements of the soldiers in the area for some time. The enemy has lately put all their might into attacking the war tunnels. We greet the friends who are resisting in the tunnels. Despite all attempts by the enemy, their resistance is strong. We draw great strength from the resistance in the war tunnels of Werxelê and Tepê Sor. This resistance means that we stay on our feet in the conditions in the field. As mobile units in the field, we try to take action against the enemy and to help friends inside the tunnels and relieve them. We will carry out even more effective actions."