Yaray: The AKP-MHP mentality will lose

DBP Amed Provincial co-chair Sultan Yaray, said: “The AKP-MHP mentality will lose. We will not allow them to steal what belongs to the people."

DBP Amed Provincial co-chair Sultan Yaray said that the AKP-MHP showed open hostility towards Kurds.

Speaking to ANF, Sultan Yaray said: "The AKP objected in the places where the DEM Party won, they tried to usurp the municipalities with dirty tricks. But, as we saw once again in Halfeti (Curnê Reş), despite their objections and tricks, the DEM Party was confirmed as the first party and won the municipality."

They cannot even tolerate us breathing

The AKP-MHP cannot even tolerate the Kurds breathing in their own land, said Yaray, adding: "Wherever the Kurdish people win something, wherever they obtain a status, they carry out an attack. Rojava is an example of this."

Drawing attention to the presence of Kurds in the AKP despite the party’s anti-Kurdish policies, Yaray said: "An AKP deputy of Kurdish origin attacked a DEM Party deputy in the Parliament. They want to surround Kurds from all areas. The ongoing isolation conditions in Imrali Prison are also a part of this hostility. The Kurdish people need to see this hostility and organize themselves more and fight more against these policies."

Doors of municipalities are open to the public

Sultan Yaray said that the people showed strong reactions to the usurpation of the municipalities and added that the government in Van was forced to step back. Noting that the resistance for Hakkari (Colemêrg) had been going on for a month, Yaray said: "This is a fascist system developed against the Kurdish people. Why are they usurping municipalities? Because when municipalities are in the hands of the people, the doors of those municipalities are wide open to the public. "