Yazidi Society Coordination: Shengal airspace must be closed

Yazidi Society Coordination held Turkey, Iraq and the US responsible for Wednesday's deadly attack against Zeki Şengali.

Yazidi Society Coordination released a statement strongly condemning the assassination against their member Mam (Uncle) Zeki Şengali by the invading Turkish forces.

The Coordination questioned the Iraqi government’s stand towards Yazidis and called on the Iraqi state and the United Nations to uphold their responsibilities against Turkish occupation forces.

The Coordination offered their condolences to the family of Mam Zeki, the Yazidi society and the people of Kurdistan, vowing to carry the cause of the martyrs to victory.

Yazidi Society Coordination stated that the attack which targeted Şengali on his way from commemoration of the Yazidi people massacred in Kocho village 4 years ago, was a planned and calculated one, and a continuation of the genocide policy pursued against the Yazidi people.

“The Turkish state and its accomplices carried out this attack on the very day of a massacre against the Yazidi society. For this reason, this attack has a meaning for our society, and it manifests the goal of the Turkish state and its allies.”

The Coordination strongly condemned the cowardly attack which -it said- reveals the fact that the Turkish state, its partners and traitors continue with their genocidal policies.

“We hold Turkey, Iraq and the US responsible for this attack which is not an ordinary one”, stressed the statement.

The Coordination also said it is thought-provoking that the attack took place soon after Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi’s visit to Turkey, adding; “It is seen that plans and secret deals have been made. The incident occurred within the boundaries of the Iraqi state. Allowing Turkish attacks leaves Iraq in a position of direct responsibility. We see this as a policy of the Iraqi state against the Yazidis.”

The statement continued; “The genocide perpetrated against the Yazidi people on 3 August 2014 shouldn’t be forgotten. Yazidi people are living within the boundaries of Iraq and the Iraqi state was responsible for their security. Yazidis are Iraqi citizens and Iraq is responsible for their defence. However, unfortunately, the Iraqi state did not fulfill its duty as it left the Yazidis to massacre and death. The policy and attitude of Iraq has deepened our wound and pains. The policy of the Iraqi state righteously makes us think what its political and moral attitude towards the Yazidi society will be, whether it will protect us and acknowledge our rights and laws, or whether it will continue with such a cooperation that we are witnessing today, and pave the way for for the enemies that massacre and murder us.

We call out to the United Nations and all concerned institutions, do not remain silent on the invasion attacks of the Turkish state and its collaborators. Shengal airspace must be closed for invaders.

The whole Yazidi society knows that Mam Zeki struggled only to revive the Yazidi culture and improve the alliance among Yazidis. As Mam Zeki’s comrades, we will establish our alliance and unity, and struggle to the end to ensure the autonomy of our people.

The attacks on Shengal are a continuation of the genocide. In response to the attacks and dirty plans against Shengal, we call on our people in four parts of Kurdistan and abroad to show solidarity against the attacks targeting the Yazidi community.”