YCWK calls on Kurdistan youth to raise the fire of uprising against usurpation of people’s will

YCWK organised a series of actions against the AKP-MHP government's usurpation of will in Van. YCKWK called on the youth of Kurdistan to protect the will of the Kurdish people and raise the uprising.

The Kurdistan Patriotic Youth Union (Yekîtiya Ciwanên Welatparêzên Kurdistan – YCWK) released a statement announcing the details of actions carried out by their units in Van province, where people have been resisting since yesterday against the appointment of AKP candidate instead of democratically elected co-mayor of the DEM Party, Abdullah Zeydan, in 31 March local elections.

The statement released by YCWK on Wednesday includes the following:

"Our units in Van have been in action from the first moment against the usurped popular will. Within the framework of these actions;

-A TOMA (anti-riot vehicle) targeted with molotovs in the Xaçort neighbourhood turned into a ball of fire.

-A101 (supermarket) located on Cumhuriyet Street was targeted.

-Surveillance cameras on 2 Nisan Street were destroyed.

-In the Bahçıvan neighbourhood, our units intervened in the enemy's armoured vehicles, barricaded the road and clashed with the occupying police."

The statement continued: “The spread of this fire of uprising lit by YCWK Van Units to the whole of Kurdistan and Turkey will be the biggest response to the invaders. We call on all patriotic young women and youth of Kurdistan to protect the will of the Kurdish people. It is a mistake to expect anything in the name of democracy from the occupying fascist Turkish state. They will undoubtedly want to continue these usurpations of will. The honourable youth and people of Kurdistan will never give way to the invaders. As YCWK, we, as always, have taken and will continue to take our place as a leading force alongside our people in Van and all over Kurdistan. We call on all patriotic youth of Kurdistan to raise the fire of this uprising."