Year 41 will be the year of victory and success for guerrillas

PKK’s 40th anniversary was celebrated with great enthusiasm in the guerrilla-controlled Medya Defense Zones.

The 40th anniversary of the PKK’s founding on November 27, 1978 was celebrated in the mountains of Kurdistan with various events. HPG and YJA-Star guerrillas promised to crown the march for revolution with victory during the celebrations.

Guerrilla Ferzad was in one of the celebrations, and said he celebrates the “day of resurrection” that is the founding of the PKK for Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, his comrades in the positions now and the Kurdish people who resist all tyranny. Ferzad said: “We believe we will make the 41st year the year of freedom. We are certain. We celebrate the day of resurrection for all friends. Year 41 is the year of victory.”

Guerrilla Esmer said being in the mountains of Kurdistan today as a woman is priceless for her. Esmer said: “We gathered here for the anniversary of the PKK. It is impossible to describe the feeling of celebrating the founding of our party with our friends here. November 27 is the anniversary of the PKK’s founding, and at the same time the day when humanity reunited with its toppled values.”

Guerrilla Esmer added: “The founding of the PKK is also the day that the reality of women, who were harassed, raped, objectified, put down and ignored every day, blossomed again and became a force and a will. On this basis we celebrate the day for all oppressed peoples. We also celebrate the founding of our party for all our women comrades who took the step to become their own reality, truth and meaning to become a will again. We are calling on all our people and our youth to be part of this struggle. It is a privilege to be born in such a country, because it means being born of the heart and mind of the Leader. Life is being stitched again with Leader Apo’s meaning. We call on everyone to join our ranks, the ranks of humanity and meaning, and celebrate the founding of our party.”

Guerrilla Yildiz said they celebrate the anniversary with great morale and enthusiasm and stressed that “It is the year of victory and success” for them.

Yildiz said: “First, we celebrate the anniversary for our Leader, all our martyred comrades, all oppressed peoples and all comrades who are in the struggle now. They have great meaning for us. They create great enthusiasm and morale in all of us. We will continue on this path to the end. We celebrate the 40th anniversary of our party for all comrades.”

Guerrilla Rêzan pointed to the struggle entering its 41st year and celebrated the anniversary for her friends who “fought in the struggle and became symbols in their great heroism”. Rêzan said: “From Zagros to the Black Sea, we celebrate the day of resurrection for all friends fighting on all fronts throughout the country. We celebrate the 40 year legacy of the families of all guerrillas and all martyrs. This will be the year of the modern guerrilla who reach victory.”