YJA guerrillas speak about what being in the PKK means to them

Speaking about the 44th anniversary of the PKK, YJA Star guerrillas said that the PKK is the only place where a person can be liberated.

YJA Star guerrillas said that they found the real life in the PKK as female guerrillas and that they defended the Kurdish people and the lands of Kurdistan to achieve this life. The emphasized that the model developed in the PKK is the best model for a person.

Pointing out that it was the Kurdish people's leader who founded the PKK and made it invincible for 43 years, YJA Star guerrillas said that they will fight to the last drop of their blood in the mountains of Kurdistan.

YJA Star guerrillas conveyed their feelings and thoughts on the 44th anniversary of the PKK's founding.

Avesta Cûdî: Words are not enough to describe the PKK. It offers a new life to society. You seem to have reborn when you join. I also found real life in the PKK. This is where I live physically and spiritually. Everyone knows that life in the system is not real life. You are physically living in the system, but you know that that soul, that heart, actually does not belong to you. The only place where a person can live freely is the PKK.

Canfeda Rûbar: For me, the PKK is the peak reached by peopla, it is understanding the reality of Leadership and humanity. Although we do not see the Leader, and we get to know the PKK through the Leader's books, the PKK brings us closer to him and allows us to get to know ourselves better.

The PKK teaches people to love, hope and achieve. It makes you live for a cause. The PKK means reaching the top for us.

Stêrk Amed: The PKK is the way to freedom. I experienced liberation in the PKK. When I joined the guerrillas, I wished I had known the PKK before, I wished I had come earlier.

As a woman, you cannot express yourself in society. But we can in the PKK, we struggle, we defend, the PKK gave us this chance.

As YJA Star guerrillas, we want to further expand our struggle. I found my identity in the PKK, I was like born again. I cannot put the life in the PKK into words, because it is a very special feeling. You come to the mountains as a woman and reinvent yourself. One can only see what the PKK means to a person by experiencing it. PKK is a lifestyle that has beauty for me. In this life we ​​defend ourselves, our people and our land.

Zîlan Banê: Ever since I joined the PKK, I have focused on understanding the Leader's ideas. Because a person who understands the Leader's thinking liberates her/himself. Maybe it will sound like propaganda to some, but you see this truth in the PKK, you see it in the martyrs. You see how the Kurds have been sleeping in death for years. At the moment, someone may have chosen the path of betrayal, but the Kurds prefer to struggle and resist thanks to the Leadership.

When the PKK is mentioned, the first thing that comes to my mind is freedom, and the first image that comes to mind is Leader Apo. Because the Leadership founded this organization, which has been standing strong for 40 years. We are the fighters of Rêber Apo. We will fight until the last drop of our blood in these mountains.

Raperîn Gabar: As the leadership said, the PKK is the party of martyrs. That's why the PKK inspires very different feelings in people. The comradely relations in the PKK affect everyone. As a woman in the PKK, one becomes more determined, stronger and confident.

Mitra Cûdî: The PKK is the place of honourable resistance and struggle. The comradeship, struggle and determination in the PKK are nowhere else to be found. In this sense, the PKK is very different from other organizations. Words are not enough to describe life in the PKK.