YJA Star and HPG guerrillas: The first bullet fired on August 15 reached millions

The first bullet fired on 15 August 1984 reached millions today, said guerrillas, adding that they were waging a war in the Medya Defense Areas in the footsteps of Commander Egît.

YJA Star and HPG guerrillas spoke to ANF on the occasion of the 38th anniversary of the 15 August Initiative. Reminding that the Kurdish people were reborn with the 15 August Initiative, the guerrillas emphasized that the war waged in the mountains of Kurdistan today is the continuation of that.

YJA Star and HPG guerrillas said the following about the 15 August Initiative:

YJA Star guerrilla Agirî Afrin: A very heavy war is being waged in the mountains of Kurdistan. The guerrillas protect human dignity against the enemy by following in the footsteps of Egît and Zilan with the Apoist spirit. We are students of Egit and Zilan. Just as Commander Egît made history with the first bullet, today the guerrillas are making history in the ongoing war in the mountains. We also take our place in war and struggle. Our aim is to defeat the invading enemy, and by defeating our enemy, we will leave our mark on history.

The invading Turkish state is waging a war against the guerrillas using chemical weapons. The enemy uses all kinds of forbidden weapons. We are fighting against these brutal attacks. The enemy will not be able to break our will despite all the attacks. No matter what happens, we will not abandon our land. We have been living on this land for thousands of years. This land is our land. We will protect our country until the last drop of our blood. We will not give a piece of our land to our enemy.

Young people should come to the mountain

YJA Star guerrilla Roj Seydo: Happy August 15 Initiative to Rêber Apo, the people of Kurdistan and all comrades. The first bullet fired on 15 August 1984 reached millions. We make a call to all women and young people. In such a difficult process, everyone should go to the mountains. We must increase our struggle to avenge our friends who were killed by chemical weapons. Why do our enemies use chemical weapons? Because everything else was in vain against our strength and will. Everyone should know this and believe in the guerrillas. We know that our people also believe in us. We will definitely make this year the year of success.

Our resistance will end in victory

YJA Star guerrilla Bêrîtan Çiya: The first bullet was fired by our great commander Egîd on 15 August. That bullet was the rebirth of the Kurdish people. The Kurdish people stood up at the sound of that bullet. Today, the spirit of the 15 August Initiative is being waged in the war in Zap, Avaşîn and Metina. Just as the first bullet fired by Commander Egîd became the resurrection day of the Kurdish people, the resistance in the mountains of Kurdistan will result in the victory of the Kurdish people.

In the mountains of Kurdistan, our comrades are resisting with the fighting spirit of Egîd, Bêrîtan and Zîlan. This war is a war of existence and non-existence.

Turkey cannot defeat the guerrillas

HPG guerrilla Çiyager Amed: On 15 August, the spark lit by commander Egît turned into a fireball that no one could extinguish. We, too, follow in the footsteps of Commander Egît. The ongoing war in Medya Defense Areas is the continuation of the 15 August Initiative. Our friends are waging a relentless struggle against the enemy in Zap, Metîna and Avaşîn. Despite the support of NATO, the Turkish state cannot fight against the guerrillas. The resistance carried out along the lines of Commander Egîd and Zîlan will win. Even if the enemy brings thousands of soldiers, he cannot win against the guerrillas. The reason for the defeat of the Turkish state is the struggle of our comrades with a self-sacrificing spirit. The source of this power is Rêber Apo's ideology and philosophy.

The Turkish state, which uses all kinds of forbidden weapons in the war, cannot succeed against the guerrillas and does everything to hide its failure. The treacherous KDP is helping Turkey to attack the guerrillas. If these weapons had been used elsewhere, the whole world would have taken a stand. But everyone is silent against the weapons used in the freedom movement, and this shows how immoral the war was waged. Our war against the enemy is the continuation of the 15 August resistance. Our victory will be like the victory of the 15 August Initiative.