YJA Star guerrilla Miştenûr: We will increase our struggle

YJA Star guerrilla Faraşîn Miştenûr said that they are aware of their role as female guerrillas and said, "We will increase our struggle."

YJA Star guerrilla Faraşîn Miştenûr told ANF that what brought Newroz to its true meaning was the effort of those who died for freedom.

Guerrilla Miştenûr said that the struggle started by the blacksmith Kawa continues in the mountains of Kurdistan today, and added that this shows how tough and ambitious the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle is. Drawing attention to the dirty war waged by the Turkish state against the guerrillas and the people, guerrilla Miştenûr said: "This policy of destruction and persecution is the biggest reason for our struggle. The Turkish regime's targeting of women only increases our anger."

Stating that the women of Kurdistan led all women, broke the 5,000-year-old chains of slavery and smashed the walls of fear, guerrilla Miştenûr said: "The actions that spread to the Middle East and Europe are proof of this. In particular, the slogan of 'Jin Jiyan Azadi', which is based on the paradigm of our Leader, Abdullah Öcalan, has been adopted by all women. The system sees this slogan as a huge threat to itself. It is thanks to our Leader that women have reached this level. It is the efforts of our people and our comrades who have fallen martyrs in the struggle for freedom that bring Newroz to its true meaning. We, the YJA Star guerrillas, are aware of our role and we promise to further increase our struggle."