YJA Star guerrilla Rûken Serhed: We gain strength from the 43 years of history of the PKK

YJA Star guerrilla Rûken Serhed said that they gained strength from the PKK's 43-year legacy of resistance and added: “We want to build a free future with this strength and inspiration."

YJA Star guerrilla Rûken Serhed saluted the people and her comrades, as well as Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan, on the anniversary of the PKK.

Guerrilla Serhed said that the PKK has gained an important place in the history of both the Kurdish people and socialism in the past 43 years and added: “It can be said that we have built a new life, an alternative socialist life to the capitalist system. The whole world is looking at this life, at our people, at our party, at guerrilla life with admiration. In fact, we look at the resistance of our people with great admiration. We have been oppressed by the colonialists for years; Despite this, our people continue to resist. Guerrillas get great morale from our people.”

Guerrilla Serhed said that they have achieved great success in the name of humanity, the Kurdish people and socialism, and added that this development gives morale and strength to them and the oppressed peoples. “Today, intellectuals, philosophers and left socialist movements support our party, our Leader. We can say that the eyes of humanity opened. Those who want to see how the revolution should be carried out or how an occupied people broke the chain of exploitation, and how a war was waged for this purpose, look at the history and at the freedom struggle waged by the PKK today. Those who don’t see this are the colonial and fascist powers such as the AKP-MHP, which do not want to see this.”

The YJA Star guerrilla said that the Turkish state has attacked with all its might since 2016, but faced great resistance from the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan, as well as the Kurdish people and the guerrillas, and drew attention to the spirit of resistance seen in the Medya Defense Areas this year. “There was this special spirit during the resistance of Zendura, Werxelê and Qertal, Mam Reşo. This shows that no matter how much time passes, that spirit does not get old. On the contrary, it renews and develops more. The enemy should know that the Kurdish people, the fighters of the PKK Freedom Struggle, do not have any hesitation nor fatigue. People in Bakur, who are constantly subjected to detention, oppression, torture, continued their resistance unceasingly. The guerrillas, too, are raising the resistance with great enthusiasm and morale, with creative methods, despite the attacks and the chemical weapons that have been used extensively lately.”

‘We are sure to achieve freedom’

Guerrilla Serhed reiterated that the PKK is nourished and strengthened by a 43-year legacy of resistance, and added: “We want to build a free future feeding on our history. PKK guerrillas have a big claim. The claim of the Kurdish people is also great. We believe that we will march to victory. We are confident that with this victory we will achieve the freedom of our Leader. We will defeat the enemy attacking our land in four parts of Kurdistan.”