YJA Star guerrillas: Leader Öcalan strengthens our quest for freedom

YJA Star guerrillas said that Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, who links the freedom of society to the freedom of women, is the greatest source of inspiration for them.

Speaking to ANF about the importance of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops) guerrillas Delîla Botan and Medya Kobanê pointed out that Öcalan fought for the peoples of the world.

"When we think of the leader, human values come to mind," said YJA Star guerrilla Delîla Botan, pointing out that: "He puts forward a solution not only for the Kurdish people, the peoples of Kurdistan, but for all the peoples of the Middle East. He is reinventing himself with the values of humanity. When I read the leader, I am especially struck by his labour and naturalness. Even when he defines life, he evaluates and defines it from his own experiences and the results he draws from life. This also strengthens our quest for freedom. You purify yourself from all dirty mentalities and the individualistic personality created by capitalism."

Medya Kobanê stated: "A leader that links the freedom of society to the freedom of women is the greatest source of inspiration for us. The fact that he sacrificed himself for his people for many years and carried women to the summit of freedom gives great responsibilities to us. Society tells you "you are useless", but the leader links the freedom of society to our freedom. This creates a very different feeling. The importance of Leader Öcalan to us and the Kurdish people is too great to be expressed in words. We get our strength, morale and spirituality from our leader.”

The YJA Star guerrilla continued: “You cannot stay in the PKK and fight without recognising the ideas of the leader, without mastering and adopting his philosophy. He is the greatest source of inspiration. If we want to fight alongside the leader, then we need to understand him. We will go deeper in the paradigm that the leader has put before us."