YJA Star guerrillas: The biggest answer to the conspiracy is to further expand the struggle

YJA Star guerrillas condemned the February 15 Conspiracy against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, and said: "The biggest answer to the conspiracy is to further expand the struggle in every field."

YJA-Star guerrillas spoke to ANF on the 25th anniversary of the 15 February International Conspiracy against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

YJA Star Guerrilla Dîren Sema: The Turkish state shows how afraid it is of Leader Apo's [Abdullah Öcalan] ideas by deepening the isolation. They know that no matter how long they keep the Leader in jail, his fight against international powers will never weaken. International forces wanted to prevent the spread of his ideas by arresting the Leader. However, despite the conspiracy, they could not get any result. The Leader foiled the conspiracy with his struggle, and today a campaign is being carried out for the Leader's physical freedom in the struggle areas all over the world.

Let everyone know that the biggest answer to the conspiracy is to further expand the struggle in every field. Occupying states cannot win no matter how much they attack. Because everyone sees how weak the Turkish state is against the Freedom Movement and its Leadership. For this reason, nothing can prevent the ideology of the Leader, because this ideology has spread to all humanity. With the philosophy of Leader Apo, humanity is moving from darkness to light. For this reason, we say that our Leader is like the sun for us, illuminating our path and showing us the right path. That's why no one can darken our sun. With this stance, with the resistance of the war tunnels, we will ensure Leader Apo's physical freedom and win the fight.

YJA Star Guerrilla Sema Brûsk: They wanted to destroy the Kurdish people in the person of Leader Apo. But in the midst of this danger, the Leader expanded its struggle even further. The Turkish state thinks that it will weaken and neutralize the guerrilla struggle with its attacks, but it has forgotten that those who struggle and fight for honor are freedom fighters.

The prohibited weapons used in attacks against Media Defense Areas are not independent of the International Conspiracy. But the line of freedom always wins. The Turkish state assumed that it could destroy the guerrilla force by using banned weapons and chemical weapons. But no weapon or force will affect the will of the freedom fighters who fight in the footsteps of Heval Viyan, Sara, Ruken, Erdal and Rojhat. We will fight and liberate Kurdistan with the power we draw from Leader Apo's philosophy.

YJA Star Guerrilla Xwînda Kobanê: If we can fight today, it is thanks to the efforts of Leader Apo. The leadership's ideas have spread all over the world. The people of the Middle East are now aware that they can live a free and equal life based on the Leader's ideas. That is why, when the conspiracy was carried out, the people and the guerrillas were in a relentless struggle in the field with all their might.

Our comrades, who formed a circle of fire around Rêber Apo, spread the light of his philosophy. One of our commanders who reacted effectively with his stance and action is Comrade Viyan Soran, who left his mark on the struggle of the Kurdish people with her action on 2 February 2006. Today, as YJA Star guerrillas, we are fighting on the line created by our comrade Viyan.

YJA Star Guerrilla Helbest Rojava: We condemn the conspiracy developed by hegemonic states against our Leader. Even though Leader Apo is physically behind bars, he is free with his ideas. Leader Apo's ideas spread not only in Kurdistan but all over the world. Leader Apo turned Imrali Prison into a school. He deepened his thoughts and philosophy.

It is our duty and responsibility to spread Leader Apo's thoughts and philosophy. It is the people's responsibility to express support for this. The freedom of the Kurdish people and the freedom of all oppressed peoples are linked to the physical freedom of Leader Apo.