YJA STAR guerrillas: We won't give up our cause

The attacks carried out by the Turkish state against Heftanin continue.

YJA Star guerrillas Axin Gabar and Zilan Van evaluated the "Battle of (Cenga) Heftanin Campaign" of the guerrillas ongoing in Heftanin region of Medya Defense Zones in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq). 

YJA Star guerrilla Axin Gabar, who drew attention to the resistance in Heftanin, said that a process in which the guerrilla renewed itself was experienced.

"It will not be possible for the enemy faced with guerrilla rules to defeat you," said Axin Gabar. “We have not forgotten the word. The professional guerrilla will win," she added.

Guerrilla Gabar continued: “Our comrades were martyred very heroically. We remember the resistance of Heval Memyan, Heval Amara, and finally Heval Rustem, revealed the spirit of the martyrs of the past. We do not forget the great commander Martyr Çiyager's words, 'Whatever the end, it will be spectacular,' and Martyr Tolhıldan, who put forward the poem of Cenga Heftanin, 'This is Heftanin'. The professional guerrilla will win."

Describing the stance of the guerrilla and the resistance in the Cenga Heftanin Operation, guerilla Zilan Van said: "I saw with my eyes how much the enemy has weakened. For the first time, the enemy turned so intensely into the field of Heftanin. The resistance of our friends was very impressive in their struggle. It also created a huge force. The resistance of Heftanin is a historical resistance."

Guerilla Zilan Van, who also evaluates the women's activism experienced during the Cenga Heftanin Operation, added: "The struggle of women was the most intense. We took the most action as YJA Star, and our female friends played the role of both guiding and professionalizing guerrilla warfare. We have seen the leadership of women at its best.”

Guerrilla Van ended her comments by saying: “All this that we are experiencing is thanks to Ocalan. Thanks to the martyrs. We must liberate Ocalan as soon as possible. This struggle, this fight is for this. The enemy must know this: We will not give up this struggle. Because history wants victory from us. Our source of morale is our President [Ocalan] and our martyrs. We are their vengeance. We will resist as much as they resisted."