YRK Commander Şiyar Şevger pays tribute to martyrs of Rojhilat

YRK Commander Şiyar Şevger commemorated the 12 guerrillas who fell as martyrs in the Dalaho region, the Asos martyrs and Leşker Dilbirîn, who fell in 2020, and said: "The youth of Rojhilat should protect their martyrs and follow in their footsteps."

Eastern Kurdistan Defense Units (YRK) Commander Şiyar Şevger commemorated the 12 guerrillas who fell as martyrs in the city of Selasi Bawecanî in the Dalaho region of Kirmanşan province on 4 October 2016, the Asos martyrs and Leşker Dilbirîn who died in 2020.

Commander Şiyar Şevger saluted the guerrillas who are carrying out a historical resistance against the Turkish state's attacks in Zap and Avaşîn. Emphasizing that the enemy who carried out the genocidal attacks against the Kurdish people will be defeated with resistance, Şiyar Şevger said: "The resistance of the guerrillas has neutralized the enemy's plan. Our enemy wants to implement a policy of genocide and we fight to protect our people. The struggle does not come without a price. Based on Leader Apo's thought and philosophy. We are exercising our right of defense.”

Commander Şevger continued: “In 2016, a group of our friends who fought against the Iranian state under the leadership of Commander Leshker Judi fell as martyrs in the Dalaho region. Leshker Judi was the commander of the Dalaho province. Our friends were attacked and killed while they were on duty. Heval Leshker Cudi fought all over Rojhilat.. He grew up in a patriotic society. When the leadership was arrested, he joined the guerrilla ranks.

Tactically, as a provincial commander, he always organized himself and trained his friends to fight against the occupation. Our Caf people in the Dalaho region loved heval Leshker. This love further strengthened heval Leshker's bond with the people. The death of Comrade Leshker was a great loss for Rojhilat. But as his comrades, we will follow in his footsteps to carry on his legacy and fight. We will fight until the end to realize the goal of Martyr Leshker."

They fell martyrs as a result of betrayal

Speaking about the struggle of the guerrillas who fell in the Dalaho region, YRK Commander Şiyar Şevger continued: "Heval Elî Şêr, Brusk and Merxas were also among those who died. Elî Şêr was a friend from Amed. He took part in the national struggle in Rojhilat. He was always loved among his friends for his loyalty. He participated in life in an uncalculated way to improve tactically. He was always searching, constantly improving himself.

Heval Brusk was from the city of Merivan. He went to the mountains of Kurdistan at a young age to oppose the persecution by the Iranian regime. Heval Mêrxas was a friend from Van. He also joined the struggle in Rojhilat at a young age. He had great love and devotion to Rojhilat. Because of this, he was very popular among his friends. The friends died as a result of betrayal. Those who betrayed their country cooperated with the Iranian state. Dozens of our friends were killed in the Dalaho region, but let the enemies and collaborators know that we will definitely avenge our killed friends."

Rojhilat youth should protect the legacy of our martyrs

Commander Şevger also commemorated Leshker Dilbirîn, who was killed in 2019 and said: "Heval Leshker was born in the resistance city of Seqiz. Seqiz has a great struggle in its history. Just as Heval Rênas Roj fought against the occupation all over Kurdistan, Leshker followed in his footsteps. He gradually joined the Apoist movement. He did not know what tiredness was with his youthful energy. In 2019, he was killed in the ambush of the invading enemy in the city of Meriwan.

Again on 8 August 2020, 9 of our friends were killed in the air attack launched by the invading Turkish state in the Asos region. 9 of our comrades who fought under the leadership of Commander Heval Özgür were killed as a result of Turkish and KDP intelligence. For years, they had fought against the policy of genocide against the Kurdish people. We once again commemorate our martyrs who lost their lives in different places with respect and gratitude.

Heval Rustem was from Kamyaran. He was killed in Xakûrkê after a great resistance. Our young people from Kamyaran need to protect martyr Rûstem. Heval Simko was born in Bane. He gave the greatest struggle against the occupation. Comrade Dilgeş was killed in Gever, he was born in the city of Sine. These comrades were from Rojhilat. The youth of Rojhilat should protect their martyrs and follow in their footsteps."