YRK guerrilla Afrin: Öcalan's ideas and philosophy will lead us to freedom

YRK guerrilla Rubar Afrin said that the Kurdish people need a revolutionary people's war to lead a dignified life. "The only way to freedom and democracy is through Rêber Öcalan's ideas and philosophy."

Eastern Kurdistan Defense Units (YRK), guerrilla Rubar Afrin talked about the persecution of the Kurdish people, how to end the occupation in Kurdistan and the "Dem dema azadiyê" initiative. Referring to the oppression experienced in the society he came from, guerrilla Afrin said, "The reason for the oppression we experienced in our society was the state power. They impose this power on society. There is no power in the ranks of freedom. Therefore, people quickly integrate into the guerrilla life and become more attached to the causes of freedom. Because guerrilla life is a free life, human guerrilla life is a free life. When someone joins the guerrilla ranks, he/she understands better how the system is taking over society."

Guerrilla Rubar Afrin also talked about the process of joining the guerrillas and said: "One of the reasons why I joined the guerrilla ranks was the martyrdom of my friend Rêbaz, who fell in an action of self-sacrifice. Today, I am trying to reach the position of martyr Rêbaz lived, to avenge all martyrs and to offer freedom to Kurdish mothers. Here, everyone is acting in line with Rêber Apo's [Abdullah Öcalan] ideology and philosophy. The paradigm of the leadership offers us free thought and an equal life. Since there is an equal life in the guerrilla, every moment I live within its ranks affects me more positively. This makes us know Rêber Apo's philosophy better.”

Guerrilla Rubar emphasized that the only way to free society is through free thought and philosophy. "The construction of a democratic and free society will create equality in society and ensure the end of the occupation of the Kurds and Kurdistan. One should know the meaning of life and know why and how to live. A revolutionary people's war is needed for the Kurdish people to lead a dignified life. The only way to achieve freedom and democracy is through Rêber Apo's ideas and philosophy."

Guerrilla Rubar Afrin, who stated that women's freedom is related to the freedom of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan, ended his speech with the following words: "As freedom guerrilla, I call on Kurdish youth and especially women to fulfil their duty and build the freedom and democracy revolution. The people of Meriwan should not accept oppression, but should instead establish a life based on their own will. Kurdish youths should stand up for the Kurdish people's leader against the invaders and stand up for freedom. Rêber Apo's freedom will lead to the liberation of all women in the Middle East."